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Is it time for a new bed?

If you are waking up with neck and back pain it may be time to switch out your mattress.

Are you plagued by the following issues?

Lack of restful sleep compromises your immune system.

A good night’s sleep promotes your ability to learn and retain information. Brain fog, lack of concentration and forgetfulness are symptoms of poor sleep.

Whether you need to perform in the bedroom or the boardroom, the classroom or the sports field, you need sleep to be at your best for yourself and your team.

Failing to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day usually means you tossed, turned and woke up several times during the night.

Most people are surprised by how much a lack of sleep affects their weight. If you are eating well and being active but having trouble shedding those pounds, lack of sleep could be the culprit.

The concept of “beauty sleep” is not a myth! Your body works to improve your circulation, collagen production and more as you sleep. Without proper rest, you look aged and tired.

If you are plagued by these common issues, adjust your schedule so you get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. However, if you are still feeling and showing the effects of lack of sleep, it may be time for a new bed.

Great sleep habits are easily undermined if your bed does not properly support your body. Your body, and your bed, change over time. A bed that fit your needs years ago may no longer be giving you the sleep you deserve.

Investing in your sleep goes beyond finding the mattress that supports your body. It means choosing natural fabrics that don’t off-gas toxins. It means making sure your personal space is not compromised whether you sleep alone, with a partner, or share a family bed. It means breathable materials to help regulate your body temperature. It means improving the quality of your life.

The Healthy Bedroom provides affordable, natural mattresses, linens, pillows and more. Visit us at 11620 – 178 street and online at We look forward to helping your dreams of a great night sleep come true.

The Healthy Bedroom

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