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HearingLife Canada: Hear What You Have Been Missing

The world around you is rich with sounds and details, laughter and music. However, if your hearing is damaged, you are missing out. It’s no big deal…right? Actually, it is. What may seem like a minor annoyance in a crowded room when you can’t hear the conversations, or having to ask your spouse to repeat themselves frequently, is a much bigger issue than most realize.

Jillian Price, Director, Audiology & Client Experience, Chief Audiologist at HearingLife Canada, explains, “It is very common to not know the full extent of what you are missing; you simply don’t know what you are not hearing. That is why it is important to take cues from your loved ones. They are hearing what you are not and they are seeing if you are misunderstood.”

Some of the cues of hearing damage include not being able to hear well in crowded environments, asking people to repeat themselves and family members noticing you turning up the television or radio beyond comfortable levels.

“The first sign,” Price confirms, “is trouble with background noise. If you go into a restaurant or social setting and realize you can’t make out conversations and music, this is a clear sign.”​

Many people will recognize this sign – and others listed above – but keep putting off a hearing check. Price says, “don’t delay.”

“A hearing aid is the most common way to treat the issue. It does a great job of filling in the gaps on what you are missing out on. Try a hearing aid before you make the decision that hearing loss is not important, or that it is not affecting your life. You truly don’t know what you are missing until you get it back.”


She goes on to note that once someone has a hearing check and accepts a hearing aid, they often wish they did so sooner.

“It affects so many things in your life; but, because it is a not an obvious physical disability it often gets ignored. This is a mistake. If you think for a moment of what you did today that didn’t require hearing, you would realize the importance of your ears. When you don’t have the ability to hear well anymore, you realize the full impact. So, take action as soon as you notice any hearing loss.”

Is hearing loss inevitable? Price says, “It certainly can be a sign of aging because it tends to show up later in life, however hearing loss is typically an accumulated result due to noise. All those years of bombarding your ears through daily life makes many of us wind up with poor hearing. If you have high exposure to noise (frequently attend concerts, work in construction, etc.) the issue may show up sooner.”

HearingLife Canada is educating the public to think about their ears and their hearing in a different way. A hearing test is fast and easy, and hearing aids are often covered by benefits. Missing out on the conversation does not have to be a fact of life, nor does seeing the frustration on your loved ones faces when you ask them to repeat themselves again and again. You deserve to be part of the conversation at the restaurant, to listen to the television without an elevated volume, and to be fully immersed in the soundtrack of your life. If hearing loss is an issue for you at any age, contact HearingLife Canada today. Love your ears and they will love you back.

It’s easy to book a free test online at HearingLife Canada, and to enjoy a free 30-trial of discreet, effective hearing aids. Learn more online, follow on Facebook and get hearing tips on Twitter.

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