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Experience Makes a Difference: Summit Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy is Here to Help

Summit Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy, based in St. Albert, is a leading clinic offering an array of services for all ages.

Over the years, Summit has become a trusted name for those seeking relief from pain, injuries, and chronic conditions. At the heart of Summit are its experienced and dedicated professionals. Chad Burden, physiotherapist and owner, emphasizes that their staff, comprising of knowledgeable and caring physiotherapists and massage therapists, is the backbone of Summit's success.

“We are among the most experienced physiotherapists in St. Albert,” he says. “With an average of 30 years of experience among four physiotherapists, there’s not much we haven’t seen or treated, and we know the most effective and best treatments that get the quickest results.

Burden lives and raises his family in St. Albert, and Summit has been a part of the community since 1982. Summit is not a chain of clinics nor is run by a national corporation. It is locally owned and operated.

“Our treatments include significantly more hands-on time than most physiotherapy clinics, and we combine this with thorough and comprehensive home stretching and strengthening programs,” he adds.

Summit provides a wide range of treatments designed to help clients recover from their injuries and pain. Their services extend beyond traditional physiotherapy to include alternative treatments like acupuncture, which has gained popularity as an effective method for managing conditions and healing injuries.

Treatments provided by experienced therapists for all ages, from infants to seniors, include:

  • Physiotherapy: Summit's team of physiotherapists helps treat painful conditions and educates clients on how to strengthen their bodies and improve flexibility, making them more resilient to injury and illness.
  • Manual Therapy (Myofascial Release): This therapy is used to restore function and balance to connective and muscle tissues that can become extremely painful and tight when injured.
  • Massage Therapy: Therapeutic massage therapy appointments with registered massage therapists can reduce muscle tension, eliminate joint pain, and improve circulation and mobility.
  • Acupuncture: Summit's physiotherapists integrate Western and traditional Chinese practices to offer acupuncture treatments. This can help treat chronic pain, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and arthritis symptoms.
  • Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS): IMS is an effective treatment for all types of pain and injuries, especially whiplash injuries and chronic pain.
  • Craniosacral Therapy: This is a gentle hands-on treatment that monitors and restores natural rhythms in your body, providing effective pain relief for a variety of conditions.
  • Treatment of TMJ Disorders: Summit provides relief from painful temporomandibular disorders (TMD) using a variety of treatment approaches.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Summit develops treatment plans to help clients overcome the severe pain that often follows injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.
  • Chronic Pain: For those suffering from chronic pain, Summit's caring and supportive physiotherapists restore hope.
  • Sports Physiotherapy: Summit's customized evaluation and treatment process helps injured athletes return to their sport quickly and safely while reducing the risk of re-injury.
  • Customized Wellness Package: If you need physiotherapy but are unsure of how much, what type, or for how long, Summit can help build a plan that will best treat your body.
  • Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy uses a pneumatic generator to deliver high-density, high-powered sound waves to treat a variety of longstanding issues, including tendinitis.
  • Ultrasound Physiotherapy: This cutting-edge approach uses high-frequency sound waves to promote targeted tissue recovery and enhance overall well-being.

Infants, seniors, weekend sports enthusiast, someone trying to get a good night's sleep – Summit Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy offers a path to wellness and recovery for everyone. With their wide range of services, experienced team, and deep-rooted community ties, they are truly a beacon of wellness in St. Albert. Discover today the difference experience makes when you are looking to live a more active, pain-free life.

To learn more about Summit Physiotherapy contact them or visit their website today.

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