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Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care adds a Dry Vapor Cleaning Service

When Sue Ostrowiski started her company many years ago, she had no idea how quickly her grout and stone cleaning company would grow.

When Sue Ostrowiski started her company many years ago, she had no idea how quickly her grout and stone cleaning company would grow. It grew so fast, in fact, that the two dry vapor residential cleaning machines she purchased were put aside as she and her team fulfilled service orders. Now, Sue knows it is time to bring out the dry vapor cleaners. This cleaning method is for everyone, and is also a great help to people suffering from allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

“These are compact but powerful machines,” says Sue. “They hold up to a gallon of water and have two boilers. The water is constantly above the boiling point. I had purchased these machines to help people with allergies but when we got so busy with tile and grout cleaning, I converted my business model. Now, with so many people focused on cleanliness and with some people suffering from allergies and MCS, I know I can help clients stay safer by adding this service. Within seconds, dry vapor cleaning can kill almost any germ, bug, virus, or bacteria.

The vapor machines are EPA Establishment approved, do not use chemicals, and have a quick drying time on carpets. The process involves HEPA vacuum cleaning to remove solid particulates and reduce allergens. Next, the dry vapor machine boils water to 212 degrees and uses the hot vapor to disinfect and sanitize carpets.

“A gallon of water can efficiently disinfect a 700 square foot room, including the walls, bedding, curtains, tile, laminate, and the carpet,” says Sue. “This process is safe on most hard and soft surfaces.”

It’s not just pathogens that are eradicated with dry vapor cleaning. The high temperature kills off pollen, vaporizes pet dander, disarms dust mites and eggs, and even removes the smells of tobacco smoke and pet urine.

After the process is complete, the carpets dry in about 15 minutes.  A second HEPA vacuuming is done to finish off the removal of any residual contaminants. When Enviro Clean leaves the premises, you are assured that the room is completely clean and sanitized.

“Humidity is a factor in the growth of mould,” Sue reminds. “Dry vapor cleaning uses minimal water and the carpets dry fast, so the promotion of mould is inhibited, unlike other wet methods that take hours to dry and require large fans to speed up the process. Unfortunately, fans can spread dust and allergens that have not been removed by the cleaning.”

In this time of COVID-19, the need for clean, sanitized, surfaces is more important than ever. Those with allergies, MCS, or compromised immune systems are in even greater danger than usual. With homes and business opening up once again, it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the chance of transmission for themselves and for others. Fully sanitizing surfaces and carpets with a method like dry vapor can be part of the solution.

To ensure this service is accessible for a wide range of homes and needs, Enviro Clean offers different packages that include a variety of items in the room in addition to the carpets.

As Sue focuses on the benefits of dry vapor cleaning for clients, Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care’s other services remain available: regular carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, grout sealing, professional stone care, professional shower cleaning, and granite tune ups.

To learn more, visit today.

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