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Cooking with Love:
Nello’s Continues to Impress Diners

Do you love good food? A comfortable family-style atmosphere, familiar favourites on the menu and also new delights to try?

If so, you are looking for Nello’s Cucina Italiana. Whether you are a long-time patron or have yet to experience Nello’s charm, you are always welcome in the dining room.

“My wife and I bought Nello’s from my father in March 2010,” says Tony Saporito. If you like Italian food, you will love our food because we only make home-style, old-school Italian dishes – just like Nonna used to make in our home.”

Saporito is not just the owner, he is also the executive chef. His recipe for success is beautifully simple, yet profoundly effective, "Treat people the way you want to be treated, food-wise, experience-wise, and service-wise."

The establishment, named after his father, has become a beloved local institution, recognized for its authentic Italian cuisine and warm hospitality, and he is proud to carry on the tradition his father started. As an Italian-Canadian chef, he brings a vibrant blend of cultures to his kitchen. He is known for his high-energy approach to cooking and his unwavering demand for excellence from his team. Yet, it's his self-expectations that are highest of all.

While the pressure cooker atmosphere of a restaurant kitchen can leave some chefs flustered, Saporito thrives under the heat. He channels his intense energy into creating dishes that are not just delicious, but emotionally engaging.

At the heart of his philosophy is love. He firmly believes in cooking with love, and he insists that the mood of the chef can influence the final outcome of the dish. With his passion and dedication, Saporito ensures that every dish served at Nello’s is a testament to his love for food and his commitment to providing a memorable dining experience for each guest.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the chicken parmigiana.

“It’s an old-school staple Italian dish in the south,” smiles Saporito.

Every menu item is crafted using fresh, quality ingredients. The consistency year over year means diners know they will get the same exceptional meals and service every single time.

Starting with their appetizers, Nello’s offers a selection of mouthwatering options that serve as a perfect introduction to the main meal. From bruschetta to calamari, these starters are designed to whet your appetite and prepare you for the culinary journey ahead.

The salad offerings are equally impressive, providing a fresh and healthy alternative. Whether you prefer a classic Caesar or a more adventurous Bocconcini salad, each salad is prepared with the freshest ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavours with every bite.

The entrees are the highlight of the menu, boasting a variety of traditional dishes. From succulent meat dishes to fresh seafood options, there is something for everyone. Each entrée is meticulously crafted, ensuring a dining experience that is both delicious and memorable. Why not try the gamberi, which is pan seared jumbo tiger prawns? Or perhaps you are in the mood for meatballs. They have been slow simmered in Nello’s signature tomato sauce. Eating light? Try the fresh salmon. The garlic butter and red peppers are the perfect complement to this dish.

The pasta selection is equally enticing, featuring classic Italian favorites such as carbonara and pasticcio. Each pasta dish is made with the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection, offering a true taste of Italy right in the heart of St. Albert.

If you haven't yet savored the taste of Italy at Nello's, there's no better time than now. Tony’s golden rule of treating people the way you want to be treated resonates through the service, the ambiance, and most importantly, the food. At Nello's Cucina Italiana, every meal is a celebration of love, passion, and the rich, enduring tradition of Italian cooking.

From outstanding customer service awards to several Readers’ Choice awards, Nello’s has been consistently celebrated and recognized over the years by industry, community, and patrons alike. Learn more online and on Facebook and Instagram.

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