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5 Ways this Psychology, Assessment, & Communication Collective Changes the Game for Albertans

If you have ever sought out services like counselling, assessments, speech-language pathology, or anything of that nature in Alberta, we’re willing to bet that you’ve been met with waitlists, services that don’t completely meet your needs, or–in many cases–a complete dead end.

Crystal Virtanen, Director of Red Cedar Alberta, was struggling to find speech support for her son in her rural community. They couldn’t access services, public or private. Inception often arises from necessity, and Red Cedar Alberta is no exception.

Born from a need for specialized, expert support that spans all communities in the province, Crystal, a Registered Psychologist, collaborated with a diverse collective of experienced professionals to introduce the Red Cedar Alberta Alberta platform. Their shared goal is to cater to Albertans seeking assistance across an array of specific areas. From assessments to support for challenges like sleep dysfunction, developing a healthier relationship with food, or executive functioning deficits, the Red Cedar Alberta team provides nuanced, personalized support. Red Cedar Alberta is centralized around a digital platform so that Albertans can recieve their care from anywhere. So, here’s a bit more about how this collective is changing the game.

Specialized Care, Diverse Expertise

At the heart of Red Cedar Alberta's mission is a commitment to specialized care. When seeking couples counselling, especially when the fate of your marriage hangs in the balance, the crucial choice is an expert in the field, someone whose specialized proficiency can make all the difference. This is the case for every unique concern someone may have, and that’s what Red Cedar Alberta delivers.

From specialized counselling to support in pain management, personality disorders, anxiety, and depression–among others–the platform gives you access to a diverse network of skilled professionals. As for assessment, they offer a wide variety of formal assessments, including ADHD, Mood, personality, Ed Psychs, cognitive, adaptive and AISH/ PDD. Through a comprehensive assessment, they can provide very targeted recommendations to support you in leading the life you want.

In recognizing that pivotal aspects of one's life require a targeted and knowledgeable approach, Red Cedar Alberta ensures that clients have access to specialists well-versed in their specific concerns.

No Waitlists

Red Cedar Alberta also stands out for ensuring that support is readily accessible without the burden of waitlists. The platform has diligently worked to eliminate wait times for its practitioners. The dedicated team at Red Cedar Alberta maintains a robust network of trusted, vetted and Alberta-registered professionals, ensuring that if a specific practitioner is fully booked, alternative options are made available. This commitment to immediate availability is driven by a deep understanding of the discouragement that prolonged wait times can cause. Proactive steps toward mental well-being should be met with timely, meaningful support.

A Completely Remote Platform

This unique collective has redefined accessibility by embracing a remote service platform. The entire spectrum of their services is delivered online through a secure and compliant software, ensuring privacy and convenience. The Red Cedar Alberta platform serves as the virtual hub where scheduling and sessions take place. All of the practitioners have competency in providing virtual services, which is truly a specialty on its own.

And hey, if the stars align, Red Cedar Alberta Alberta even offers in-person assessments through travelling Psychologists.

An Effortless Billing Process

Red Cedar Alberta goes the extra mile to enhance the accessibility of its services through direct billing to insurance providers and NIHB. While the fee-for-service model is available to all Albertans, the platform can directly bill most insurance companies, offering a seamless financial process for clients. With only a couple of exceptions, they ensure that services are smoothly invoiced to insurance providers, taking care of the administrative hassle for you.

A Reimagining of the Process

Red Cedar Alberta is changing the game in Alberta, breaking down barriers and ensuring specialized care reaches every corner of the province. By bringing these specialized services right into your home, Red Cedar Alberta eliminates the traditional obstacles associated with accessing experts.

The platform goes beyond simply providing services; it empowers individuals to choose the practitioner that resonates with them the most. Whether you get in touch to explore your options, opt for a consultation, or explore the team's profiles to find a perfect match, Red Cedar Alberta prioritizes your comfort and connection. In essence, Red Cedar Alberta is reimagining the process by offering tailored, high-quality support that aligns with your unique needs, ensuring that no one settles for anything less than expert care. Get in touch today to experience a new era of accessible, specialized services.

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