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5 Tips for Successful Window Replacement in Alberta

Want to prepare your home for the winter season? Then boosting insulation and increasing the energy efficiency of your property would be the most rational thing to consider.

Want to prepare your home for the winter season? Then boosting insulation and increasing the energy efficiency of your property would be the most rational thing to consider.

Window replacement is one of the top home renovation projects in terms of ROI (77,2%) and savings on energy bills. That is why many Alberta homeowners strive to install the best windows to help them save money in the long term and ensure a comfortable temperature inside the house throughout the year.

Ecoline Windows Calgary talks about the most crucial things to consider if you want your upcoming window replacement project to be a success.

Define the sufficient budget 

Hands down, the very first thing homeowners should consider before preparing for a window replacement is if they have enough budget. Even though replacing your windows sounds fun as you can renovate your home to provide more aesthetics, you might want to go with some minor home improvements if you don't have a sufficient budget.  

Window replacement is not cheap. It is a long-term investment in your property; hence quality units will cost you accordingly.

Based on the approximate prices by this window cost online estimator, a price range for a medium double-glazed casement window is $694.00 - $1134.00, while a double-hung window may come with a price tag of $475.00 - $889.00.

Inspect the foundation of your home

Before installing new windows, homeowners must inspect if the home's foundation allows such a renovation project. Even though your house's conditions might look great from the outside, you can find it rotting on the inside, so changing your windows might become more complicated than you initially expected.   

Before kickstarting any window renovations, you should consult with a professional installer first so that they can evaluate your house's state. After a proper inspection, experts will give you the green light if your house can have a heavy renovation or if you should manage your foundation issue first to guarantee safety and boost the lifespan of your home.

Install energy-efficient windows only

The top reason for replacing your windows is to boost energy efficiency. That is why you want to consider only those Energy Star-rated units. Moreover, if energy efficiency is your top priority, make sure you choose the most appropriate window styles for this purpose:

  • picture – the most energy efficient units;
  • casement & awning windows (the best among all operable units)
  • double-hung;
  • bay and bow;

Consider adding tint 

Tinted windows boost not only aesthetics but also your privacy. If you're not a big fan of installing window treatments (such as popular Canadian blinds or shutters) to maximize your home's privacy, adding a tint to your windows would be a perfect solution. It allows for as much light inside without compromising the privacy level. You can customize your new windows with various tint shades. There are light, medium, dark, or very dark options. 

Hire professional window installers

Window replacement is not your regular renovation project. It requires expertise and professional skills. From your home foundation inspection to removing old frames to inserting new replacement windows and proper sealing, all the installation stages should be performed flawlessly. Otherwise, you may end up lacking energy efficiency and durability.

When hiring a window company, make sure to:

  • Check their HomeStars portfolio and Google reviews to see if their skills match your replacement project;
  • Ask whether their products are Energy Star-rated and NAFS-11 tested;
  • Compare different quotes;
  • Ask them to consult on what works best for your house;
  • Clarify the order-to-installation entire procedure;

Ecoline Windows - The Importance Of Proper Installation

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