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101 Mobility Edmonton
Empowering Independence and Mobility

The world is not always built with accessibility in mind, which can make even simple tasks feel daunting. However, there is help in the form of 101 Mobility Edmonton. As a locally owned and operated branch of the nationally recognized 101 Mobility brand, they are dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim their independence.


"Our goal is to ensure everyone enjoys full independence regardless of age or ability level by delivering safe and effective mobility and accessibility equipment," says Aris Nunez Ruiz, owner/operator.

One of their flagship offerings is a wide range of stairlifts, designed to assist individuals in safely and conveniently accessing different levels of their homes. Straight and curved models ensure that regardless of the layout of your home, there is a solution. For those needing to access raised platforms or stages, 101 Mobility Edmonton offers a variety of platform lifts. These lifts provide safe and reliable vertical transportation, making spaces more accessible.  For more comprehensive solutions, they provide home elevators. These include some top brands and models, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from based on their specific needs and preferences. Also available are rental solutions to help with building or entrance access and stair access. Rental products include wheelchair ramps, modular ramps, power chairs, scooters, and more.

101 Mobility goes even further for each client by providing expert installation services, easy financing options, and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. Post-purchase, they continue to stand by their customers by offering service, warranty, and repairs.

Whether it's for personal use, professional support, or recovery assistance, their solutions offer a practical and reliable approach to overcoming mobility challenges for:

  1. People with Reduced Mobility: Whether it's due to age, illness, or injury, reduced mobility can make daily tasks challenging. 101 Mobility Edmonton's range of products help individuals navigate their homes and communities more easily.
  2. People with Physical Disabilities: For those living with physical disabilities, products like wheelchair ramps, patient lifts, bath safety equipment, and home elevators can provide increased independence and accessibility in their everyday lives.
  3. Seniors: Aging often brings mobility challenges. 101 Mobility Edmonton's products and services can assist seniors in maintaining their independence and comfort at home.
  4. Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapists often work with clients who have mobility and accessibility needs. 101 Mobility Edmonton can provide the necessary equipment to help these professionals implement effective therapy plans. Rental products are ideal in this situation.
  5. Healthcare Professionals: Healthcare professionals can rely on 101 Mobility Edmonton's products to ensure the safety and comfort of their patients.
  6. Senior Associations: Senior associations aim to support the well-being of older adults. By offering solutions that promote independent living, 101 Mobility Edmonton can be a valuable resource for these organizations.
  7. Disability Support Groups: These groups strive to empower individuals with disabilities. 101 Mobility Edmonton's products can be instrumental in achieving this goal by providing practical solutions for overcoming physical barriers.
  8. Surgery Recovery: After surgery, individuals often face temporary mobility challenges. Renting equipment from 101 Mobility Edmonton can provide an affordable solution for this transitional period.

Ruiz concludes, “The 101 Mobility difference that makes us stand out from our competitors is that our clients are our major priority. We put every effort to provide maximum satisfaction for every client.”

101 Mobility Edmonton truly embodies its mission of empowering individuals with reduced mobility and disabilities. Their high-quality accessibility products and solutions not only inspire independence, but also confidence. If you or a loved one could benefit from their services, reach out to them for a free consultation. They are also active on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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