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When I have my mask on

"I need to make it difficult for that virus to take hold, and in humour there is magic, to making stress unfold."

I wear my mask in public; I wear my mask at home
The only time I take it off, is when I’m all alone
I am told that it will help me, eliminate the spread
My wife thinks I’m being paranoid, when I wear it into bed

I would like to set a good example, without going overboard
But I like to make a statement, with the masks that I have scored
One looks like I am the devil, one more like I’m a saint
When I have a mask on, I could be someone that I ain’t

A vampire early morning, the Grim Reaper late at night
The famous Ronald McDonald, when we’re going out for a bite
The phantom from the opera, when I’m feeling kind of weird
But the one I wear most often, is the one that has a beard

I need to make it difficult, for that virus to take hold
And in humor there is magic, to making stress unfold
So when I put my mask on, I don’t have to be myself
A good reason for me to wear one and not leave it on the shelf

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert