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LETTER: Your generosity has made St. Albert a stronger community


The April 2019 edition of the Walrus magazine stated that 10 per cent of Canadians were food deprived. This includes those who can’t quite make it to the next paycheck to those who can only afford one meal a day.  The cost to society because of food deprivation is increased physical and mental health costs, children doing poorly in school, theft, and increased abuse of partners and their children.

While many are blessed in St. Albert, many are not. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many more are food deprived because of current job losses.  The number of hampers has increased from an average of approximately 285 hampers per month in 2018, to 411 in March of 2020, with 47 going to new families. It also appears that the fallout from the impact from COVID-19 will continue for months. We expect the need for our services will continue to increase.

St. Albert residents and businesses have always been generous, donating food and money, for which we are truly grateful. We cannot do what we do without your help. Your generosity has made St. Albert a stronger community. As Suzan Krecsy, our executive director, has stated, “You rock!”

Please continue your generosity in this time of extreme need.

Charles Schroder,

Board member, St. Albert Community Village and Food Bank