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LETTER: Worried about impacts of Village transit station closure


As a regular transit rider what concerns me is where the new station is going that’s opening this September. I can walk easily to and from Village Tree Station but this new upcoming station? Nope, can’t walk to and from – which sucks for the people that don’t drive like myself.

Were we (the walkers/non-drivers) even consulted by the city? I don’t remember if we were. This means if I get into St. Albert after 10:40 p.m. I’ll have to take the dial-a-bus for maybe 10-20 minutes or more depending on the route the driver starts with. My stop is maybe a 5-7 minute drive and a 34-minute walk. No sidewalk is going to be built where this new station, i.e. Drive & Park Transit Center.

I think changes to all routes need to happen and eliminate dial-a-bus and replace it with local service till 1 a.m.

Just my two cents.

John Kerby, St. Albert