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LETTER: Thanks to the Good Samaritan who cleaned up after other people's dogs


Thanks to a Good Samaritan. As spring approaches and we are able to get out and take long walks to enjoy the weather, there is something that's becoming far too obvious.

Over the winter, and continuing into the spring, far too many people are not picking up after their dogs. Mounds of dog waste appear daily, left over from before the last snowfall or left over from the previous evening.

This is not a complaint letter to those who just don't seem to get it, and refuse to pick up after their dogs. Ninety-five per cent of people do and the rest can't be changed.

This morning, my wife was out walking our dog. In Ted Hole Park, she came across a Good Samaritan, out with a shovel and a garbage bag, picking up other people's dog poop.

This letter is simply to thank that person. So nice to see someone step up to help keep our community clean and safe.

Brian Sutherland, St. Albert