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LETTER: Thank you, kind human!


I am delighted to have the opportunity to write a thank-you letter in the Gazette.

In the final days of ski-worthy snow, I was passing time at the upper river lot near Poundmaker Lodge. I was zooming along the ski tracks lapping up the fresh air and forest views, nodding to others who were equally pleased to be out in nature as we whiled away the pandemic shut down.

I generated more heat than I’d dressed for, so peeled off my wind breaker and tied it around my waist.

I did about four loops around and through the river lot, so about 12 km. As I approached my car, dog-tired and thirsty, I began digging in pockets to find my key pod.

Panic set in. Where was it?! Oh no! Did I really have to trek back looking over expanses of trails to search out a little black pod?

A fellow nature lover offered to assist and I gratefully accepted.

I dashed back to my car to grab my belongings that I’d set down on my car hood. A little black key pod caught my eye! A very kind and helpful person had tied it via elastic band to my door handle. Phew!! Thank you SO much, kind human. That really saved the day and left me with that buoyant feeling that comes when we really look after each other. May we all experience that feeling today.

Jill Cunningham

St. Albert