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LETTER: Scientific literacy, logic and critical thinking should be taught in school


In the past few weeks, it has been made abundantly clear to me that scientific literacy, logic and critical thinking should be courses taught in school, from Kindergarten to Grade 12! From protestors claiming their freedoms are being undermined during the pandemic restrictions, to local St. Albert residents blatantly disregarding health and safety guidelines having their little “tailgate parties” in empty parking lots, onward to people crying about 5G, the general lack of understanding of these subjects is appalling.

Now, I understand some of the people guilty of these behaviours are probably in the fractions of the minority and are perhaps old enough that they went through a type of schooling being taught what to think, rather than how to think, so I guess they can be excused of not knowing any better. But when this ignorance leads them to ignore health and safety guidelines because they think they “know better”? No, you don’t know better – because if you did, you wouldn’t do these things!

If you understood the intent of the distancing guidelines, you wouldn’t gather in these large groups in parking lots, sitting in semicircles facing each other! You may as well just cough in each others’ faces.

If you understood the nature of personal freedoms, you’d understand that enjoying the fullest unlimited freedom for yourself means stealing some freedoms from someone else. In a civilized society, we understand that we must balance personal and collective freedoms. This is why the government can impose social distancing without violating human rights.

This isn’t the Wild West!

If people understood that radiation from 3G, 4G and 5G towers, light bulbs, radios, home microwaves, space heaters, your furnace, are all forms of light on the electromagnetic spectrum, and are non-ionizing, they wouldn’t burn down radio towers in the UK.

Damon Davies

St. Albert