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LETTER: Now what do I do?


Normally I love to go out shopping and running errands, but lately as a senior it has not been enjoyable. However, I thought I am not the only one feeling uncomfortable about being with other people at this time. Despite that, I decided that I should just go and get everything done. With a list in hand and a purpose, I went to my vehicle – only to hear a very weird noise. Darn it, what the heck is that? It sounded like a dead battery. Well, I thought, I guess I wasn’t meant to go anyway.

Now what do I do??

Back into the house, only for my husband to say, "Just take my vehicle," since he was working from home. OK – so back out I go to shop and run my errands hesitantly. In the time that I was gone, my husband called our mechanic to let him know that we had what sounded like a dead battery. He said no problem – he came over to our home, boosted our vehicle and took it to his shop with my summer tires (because he noticed them in our garage and asked my husband if I would like them changed out). All the work was done on my vehicle. He then brought the vehicle back with a new battery, summer tires on and my husband didn’t need to leave his work. I was able to get everything done I needed to and my "Now What Do I Do" day turned into a great day!!

In times like this, we are so uncertain about so many things and sometimes really don’t even want to think about going out of our homes. It is almost unbelievable that people are so kind, thoughtful and generous with their time and trustworthy – but there are still those people out there. Thank you so very much, Richard from Gate Ave Service!! You turned my day into a Good News Story!!

Dale England

St. Albert