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LETTER: In agreement with letter-writer on concerns about 5G


I would like to comment on the letter sent by Leroy Latta regarding 5G. I am in agreement with his concerns about its safety to all life on this planet. Yes, this is not new news, but it certainly seems to be something others are taking notice of.

I noted in the BBC that a number of the towers were being vandalized in the U.K. and a BBC news anchor was reprimanded for merely suggesting that perhaps there is some validity to the health concerns of 5G. People are waking up en masse and the ability to silence a few by dismissing their concerns with an eye roll and conspiracy theory ridicule isn't quite as effective as it once was.

I think many of us have been given some time to reflect on how we have been "living" our lives and where we want or rather need to go from here.

In closing, thank you Leroy for voicing your concerns and thank you Gazette for printing his letter.

Thank you,

Carolyn Saunders, St. Albert