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The little drummer boy capturing hearts in Cambridge Bay

Unannuaq Darnell Anablak, pingahunit ukiuqaqtuq Ikaluktuutiarmiutaq aliahuliqtaa qilaut numiringmilu “Atattiangna Stanley Anablak (KIAkut Atania) utirami katimariaqtilluni Alaskami. Numiqtunit qilautituqtunlu aatjiliugamigit Ingutaa qungniaqtitiyumagami taimaa Darnell numiyukhiyuq, numiyuktuq aihimaliraangami tupalihaaqtilluniluuniit, Darnell qilaminnuaq ayuyuiqpaktain ingiutit numingningmilu, Ilungnunaqpiaqpaktuq uqariami ayungnaqtuq, “uqaqtuq amaamangna Brandi Nanegoak.

Hatja malrugnik ukiunit numiqtunit ilauvaktuq Inuvialuit Numiktiit Ikaluktutiami, Numiqtunit ayuikhaiyit Julia Ogina , aippangalu Jerry Puglik.

Mikautilluni numiqtunit, ingiuqtunitlu takuvaqattarami talvangna numiyuktuq, tigumiarapku uqautivaktara qilautinut numittiangniaqtuq, iqiangitumik naamaktumi inuuhiminit, Inuit utuqqait uqautivaktun nutarautilluta taima hulilukaangningmi inuuhiptingnun huugmi taamna Darnell inuuhittialiqtuq,” Julia uqaqtuq.

Aanuraangit Connie Kapolak mikhuqpaktaa, qilautinga Joseph Niptanatiak, Kugluturmiutaq hanavaktaa.

Darnell Anablak is three years old from Cambridge Bay and has found love for drum dancing.

“He was fascinated by the drum and dancing when his (grandfather) Stanley Anablak returned home from a trip in Alaska,” said his mother Brandi Nanegoak.

“Papa Stanley recorded videos of the Alaskan drumming and dancing to share with his grandson, he dances all the time at home even when he just wakes up. Darnell catches on quick to the songs as well as the different movements to each song, he amazes us and is too cute for words.”

Darnell has been dancing for two years now with the Cambridge Bay Inuvialuit Drum Dance Group, taught by Julia Ogina and her spouse Jerry Puglik.

“He has been exposed to the dance, songs and rhythms early in life and carried on since,” said Ogina. “When I held him for the first time I had given him words of guidance to become a drum dancer, to be energetic and live a good life, our ancestors had always given words of guidance from infancy to childhood, so one can have the skills and abilities for our traditions and he is one living example of that,” she said.

Darnell’s outfit was made by his aunt Connie Kapolak of Cambridge Bay and his drum was made by Elder Joseph Niptanatiak of Kugluktuk.

Rita Pigalak, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Nunavut News

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