Great Reading

For the week of March 14 to 21, 2018
Picks for the whole family from the St. Albert Public Library
Stimulate imaginations, pique curiosity and reveal a wider world of perspectives and ideas!

These picture books are a great choice for sharing with pre-readers and those just beginning to read.

No One Else Like You
By Siska Goeminne
There are so many people in the world, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. Some are happy, and some are grumpy. Some live in the city, while others live in the country. Some like to read, and some like to sing. And yet, even with so many people in this world, there is no one quite like you!

Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates
By April Jones Prince
Once upon a seaworthy sloop lived three pirates: the big, pilfering Papa, the medium-sized, menacing Mama, and the small, bonny Baby, a pirate-in-training. They were excellent pirates, but not very good housekeepers, so their gruel wasn’t tasty, their stools weren’t sturdy, and their hammocks weren’t hung properly. Luckily for them, Goldenlocks happened along.

A great selection of fiction that will stimulate the imaginations of young readers.

Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans
By Russell Ginns
When Uncle Paul disappears, Samantha and her brother know that it’s up to them to find him. Discovering clues their uncle left behind, the two siblings find themselves on a wild adventure that takes them all over the world. Along the way, they discover a hidden worldwide transportation system, ninjas, and super-secret blueprints.

When the Moon Comes
By Paul Harbridge
The water has finally frozen into perfect ice, without a bump or a ripple. For the kids in town, it’s perfect. They wait, impatiently, for the right moment. Finally, the full moon arrives. They huff and puff through trails, and back roads, till they see it – their perfect ice, waiting. And the hockey game is on!

Just the facts, please! Science, history, animals, biography, real adventures, crafts and cooking for junior readers.

The New Ocean: the Fate of Life in a Changing Sea
By Bryn Barnard
Taken together, global warming, pollution, acidification, and overfishing are creating a New Ocean in which life is changing drastically. This book tells about the probable fates of six sea dwellers: jellyfish, orcas, sea turtles, tuna, corals, and blue-green algae. What becomes of them may help you understand what may become of us.

Impact: Asteroids and the Science of Saving the World
By Elizabeth Rusch
Asteroids bombard our atmosphere all the time. Some are harmless, but others explode in the sky with a great sonic boom, smashing windows and throwing people to the ground. Some asteroids that strike our planet can do major damage, blasting out massive craters and destroying everything nearby.

Youth/teens will enjoy this selection of popular fiction.

Children of Blood and Bone
By Tomi Adeyemi
Zélie remembers when the soil of Orïsha hummed with magic. But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Under the orders of the king, maji were killed, leaving Zélie without a mother. But Zélie has one last chance to bring back magic. With the help of a rogue princess, she must outwit the crown prince, who is hell-bent on eradicating magic for good.

Love, Hate, & Other Filters
By Samira Ahmed
Maya is torn between worlds. There’s the one her parents expect for their good Indian daughter: being paired off with an older boy. And then there are her dreams: going to film school and living in New York. There’s also the real world, beyond Maya’s control. And it’s up to Maya to find the strength to know where she truly belongs.

Mature readers will enjoy reading what’s new or timely or popular with this selection of fiction and fact.

I am, I am, I am: seventeen brushes with death
By Maggie O’Farrell
We are never closer to life than when we brush up against the possibility of death. Seventeen discrete encounters with Maggie at different ages, in different locations, reveal a whole life in a series of tense, visceral snapshots. An extraordinary memoir from one of Northern Ireland’s bestselling novelists, for fans of Wild and When Breath Becomes Air.

American war: a novel
By Omar El Akkad
A second American Civil War, a devastating plague, and one family caught deep in the middle – a story that asks what might happen if America were to turn its most devastating policies and deadly weapons upon itself. An audacious and powerful debut novel that is shortlisted for Canada Reads 2018.

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