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Woman spotted allegedly trying to sell toilet paper out of SUV in Langley, B.C.

The photos were captured in a Metro Vancouver Costco parking lot.
Photo: Alannah Bergman / Facebook

A post circulating on social media shows a woman who appears to be selling toilet paper out of a vehicle at a Langley Costco.

Posted on March 13, the Facebook post contains three images that show a white Chevrolet Tahoe SUV with a neon-yellow sign taped on its side that reads: "Toilet paper 4 sale!" A woman in a beige toque is also featured in two of the pictures, and in one of them she has her hands on a pack of toilet paper.

As of Saturday, March 14 at 2 p.m., the post has been shared a whopping 605 times.

Alannah Bergman, a Surrey-Fleetwood resident, told Vancouver Is Awesome in an email that she was heading back to her car with her mom after shopping at Costco when she spotted the woman with the sign on her SUV.  

"I left my my mom with the cart, and took pictures of it," explains Bergman. "She asked if I wanted to buy some, and I said no."

Bergman adds that the woman also told her not to take pictures. 

"I told her what she's doing isn't right," she said. 

When Bergman and her mom were leaving the parking lot, she says they drove past an individual who was arguing with the woman at her SUV. 

A frequent shopper of the Langley Costco, Bergman also notes that there wasn't any toilet paper on the shelves. 

YouTuber Steven Huynh also shared a video of his experience shopping at Costco in the time of 'panic-buying.'

Sandra Thomas, the Travel and Lifestyle Editor for the Vanocuver Courier, has shared a collection of photos she captured of empty toilet paper shelves across the Lower Mainland. 

The President of Doctors BC, Dr. Kathleen Ross says she's at a loss to explain why some people are stocking up on toilet paper amid fears over the spread of COVID-19.

Ross says toilet paper wouldn't be first on her list, "it wouldn't be for me and it's unfortunate some folks are panicking over different supplies."

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