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UCP's Angela Wood loses, won't rule out a run in next municipal election

Defeated UCP candidate Angela Wood says she can't commit or comment on another run at municipal politics come 2025.

With incumbent NDP candidate Marie Renaud winning a seat in the legislature for the third consecutive term on Monday night, UCP challenger and former mayoral candidate Angela Wood says she can't comment on making another run for municipal office come 2025.

“I don't think there's anything that we necessarily would have done differently,” Wood said after giving supporters a concession speech at her campaign office in Riel Park on Monday evening just before 10:00 p.m.

“Could we have done better? I don't think so,” she said when asked if there's anything she'll be looking back on from her campaign.

“I don't tend to waste time on regrets, they're largely a waste of time.”

Prior to running for provincial office, Wood ran for Mayor of St. Albert in 2021, and was narrowly defeated by Cathy Heron.

“You know, it's funny, because every time when I was door knocking I had so many people ask me (if I would run in the next municipal election),” Wood said. “I have no comment on that right now.”

Elections Alberta calculates that Renaud received roughly 58 per cent per cent of the vote in St. Albert, while Wood received about 40  per cent. Green Party candidate Cameron Jefferies received the remaining 2 per cent.

In 2019 Renaud was elected with 46 per cent of the vote.

When asked what's next, Wood said she has her eyes set on being called to the bar, as she recently completed a year of articling, which is required for recent law school graduates before being eligible to practice law in Canada.

“I cannot give enough thanks and praise to my team,” Wood said. “All the volunteers that stepped up ... they were working hard every day for this.”

“To the residents of St. Albert, for all of you that came out in support, we thank you so much.”

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