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Doodle Pop fosters connection at Children's Festival

South Korean theatre artists breathe imagination and fantasy into doodling
Lee Seungeun and Kim Donghyun created an animated world of doodle during BRUSH Theatre's Doodle POP coming to the International Children's Festival of the Arts from June 1 to 4. JEONG YOUNGWOOK

Doodle POP starts off with a couple of doodlers sketching a few lines on a white screen. Before the 45-minute show is finished, a dream world of doodles springs onto the stage. 

Brush Theatre from South Korea debuts the touching and playful Doodle POP at the International Children’s Festival on June 1 to 4. This non-verbal show blends the antics of two mischievous doodlers on whiteboard with stunning interactive animation projections and an accompanying score.  

The two visual artists – Lee Seungeun (Boogie) Kim Donghyun (Woogie, the troublemaker) create a mythical watery world filled with adventure, good intentions and a light dose of magic.  

Due to a heavy touring schedule, Lee Seungeun requested an emailed Q&A interview. Below are his thoughts. 

Q.  As actors how did the two of you meet and what were your backgrounds? 

A. Donghyun and I met in BRUSH Theatre in 2018. Donghyun majored in acting while I studied English literature. 

Q. How did you two conceive the idea of Doodle POP? 

A. The most important inspiration for our show came from childhood memories of doodling. There were no limitations, and we didn't have to be masters of anything to doodle. It didn't require a message to be delivered, but as children, we always ended up creating our own stories. 

Q. How are the two characters different and similar? 

A. Woogie and Boogie are both mischievous individuals who enjoy drawing. They collaborate well together and sometimes fight like cat and dog. They are both brave and emotional. Woogie is the stronger one. Boogie is the slyer one.   

Q. What do you love about both characters? 

A. I love their creativity and resilience. Doodle POP is about two doodlers embarking on their first adventure to the sea to bring their lovely turtle home. The adventure is presented on a big whiteboard. All the mysterious creatures they encounter during the adventure appear and disappear while the two friends play with each other drawing and erasing. Even when faced with dead ends, they use their imagination to create new paths. It will stir your imagination to see the various creatures appearing all of a sudden. 

Q. How does the show work? 

A. The very theme of the show is to make the doodle alive. Everything is magic. Inky creatures that Woogie and Boogie draw with their board markers come to life and move around on the whiteboard like Peter Pan's shadow. Some of them even jump out from the board! The actor's performances, drawing, and projection, along with the live music played by the musicians, all seamlessly flow together. But to create a magical moment, they secretly collaborate. The timing is calculated and predetermined.      

Q. What were the biggest challenges bringing the show to life? 

A. It was difficult to merge the analog texture of drawing with the cold, light reflecting texture of video. We experimented with various materials and textures but failed several times in our attempts to seamlessly blend them together. 

Q. How does this production bring something new to the children’s stage? 

A. The point is for children to enjoy the freedom and imagination that doodling allows. Instead of simply following the storyline, our young audience members tend to shout out whatever comes to mind as they watch the drawings take shape and change right before their eyes. What sets us apart is that we stimulate the energy of children, encouraging them to think and run ahead with the actors. After seeing our performance, we often hear stories of children looking for their sketchbooks when they get home. Some parents even complain that their children have started doodling all over the house! We would be secretly thrilled to be their new source of inspiration. 

Q. What do you want audiences to take away from Doodle POP? 

A. We would be very happy if audiences felt the world is a smaller place, and that we are all connected. Due to COVID-19, many places were closed. For some children, our performance may be their first field trip or their first opportunity for social interaction. It would be wonderful if children could not only meet us, but also other audience members in the same place, and have the experience of laughing, chatting, and dancing together among many people. We might not know each other, but we can still be connected.

Doodle POP will take place on St. Albert Curling Club Stage. Tickets are $16 plus fees. Go online at or call 780 459-1542. 

This interview has been edited lightly for space considerations 

Anna Borowiecki

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