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Tayah-Marie Bernadette Durand Lloyd

31 years old, 3rd trimester pregnant.
Passed away May 26th, 2018 @ Bridal Falls British Columbia

Not right!! Not the way it is or was supposed to be!
Without my Tayah-Marie & her Rosily Eliana! Their presence, knowledge, intuition, inspiration, strength, humanitarian, love, & absolute joy.
Her radiant smile & hair.
“She found joy in the simplest things in life”!
One of the most you could be!
“The most Graceful Lady”
And now this is a part of a Miserable World without their presence in it...forever!
This loss is unmeasurable. Truly.
With acknowledgment for everyone who helped during this tragedy…"A heartfelt, thank you!”
For your loss, I’m sorry!
With respect for the beautiful life that would have been, for her daughter, my granddaughter, Rosily Eliana Lloyd.

With Infinite Love, your mom & grandmom.
Rochelle Hebert Durand