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What You Need to Know When Buying an RV For Summer Travel in Alberta

If you will be among the many RV enthusiasts this summer, spend some time with the professionals whether you are buying your first RV, upgrading, or servicing your unit.
1 HSG - What you need to know when buying an RV for summer travel in Alberta
Summer is just around the corner and since restrictions are curtailing travel plans, many Albertans are opting to hit the open road safely in a RV. Before you get started, check out these tips from two RV dealerships.

High River Autoplex & RV says there are important things to consider, namely, how fast inventory is moving.

According to High River Autoplex & RV, “Demand is outpacing supply. Hitting the road with your loved ones in an RV is not a new notion, but one that has become very popular since COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way the world vacations. RV dealers are selling through inventory at record levels, often with the demand outpacing the ability for manufacturers to restock the inventory. If you see the one you like and that works, express your commitment and put a meaningful deposit immediately if you’re able, because the odds are someone else will before the next time you come back.”

“Purchase from a full-service dealer,” they continue. “If you’re new to the RV lifestyle and considering getting in, one of the first things you should consider is where you will get your RV serviced. RVs are never perfect and even when they are you might want to add an accessory or customize it to make it really your own. Not all RV dealers are willing or able to assist you should something go wrong or should you want something installed. Buy from a reputable dealer with a service shop with licenced technicians. This is your foot in the door for quick and trustworthy service for your RV.

“Sit down with a professional. As exciting as buying an RV can be, do yourself and your loved ones a potentially life-saving favor by purchasing from a professional. A used RV seller wants to get rid of their RV and could possibly lie to a person to help that goal. After all what recourse is available when you buy on the used private market should something go wrong? Make sure you sit down with a professional RV consultant who can help you determine your wants and needs as well as your ability to tow, so you can find the right RV for you and your family. A pro will also be able to set you up with financing should you desire to explore that option.”

When it comes to towing, RV City is another expert source that has some great advice. RV City shares on their blog to consider the following, “Motorized units may be easier to move in and out of if your travels are mainly road trips and you pause to see the sights during the day. Driving a motorhome becomes a bit more cumbersome if you prefer to stay in one location and take day trips.”

Remember, you’ll spend time each day ensuring things are secure inside before moving, but this can be avoided if you have a unit you leave a site. One must also consider if you’ll be towing an ATV or boat behind the unit.

Once you decide if you’ll have motorized or tow unit, RV City says to consider the question, “who is sleeping here?”

“You’ll want to think about what will work best for your family’s routine for sleeping or even hanging out together inside on a rainy day. Designated sleeping areas like separate bedrooms and bunks allow you to skip putting your beds away each morning and provide for easy daytime napping. Separate sleeping areas are also ideal when you want to put the kids to bed, but still be able to sit at your table in the evening.”

Nerissa McNaughton is a freelance writer and a contributor to Great West Media. This story was written for the Hot Summer Guide advertising feature.  It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.

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