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This Northern Alberta County Is A Traveller’s Paradise With Over 150 Lakes

We can all use a change of scenery sometimes. So, why not trade your scenery in for some of the most enchanting terrain in the province?

Tucked away in Northern Alberta is Lac La Biche County, the place where cultural connections meet the great outdoors, where back-country adventurers and art enthusiasts converge, and where you’ll never spend a moment bored because there is just so much to do, see, and experience. We’re all about uncovering Alberta’s greatest hidden treasures, and this area might just fill up your bucket list all on its own. Here are some things you need to know about La La Biche County.

All The Provincial Parks

If you’re someone who loves spending time in nature, provincial parks are your best bet for beautiful terrain. In and around Lac La Biche County, you’ll find a handful of breathtaking parks that are known for their old-growth forests, sparkling lakes, and endless activities. The parks in the area include Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area, Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park, Lakeland Provincial Park, and Crow Lake Provincial Park. These areas welcome visitors from far and wide to enjoy everything from sandy beaches to hiking trails, birdwatching to biking, and everything in between.

 "This area is famous for fishing. Specifically, Lac La Biche is known far and wide for its incredible wallyeye fishing, as is the Lakeland Provincial Park area."

The Happiest of Campers

Lac La Biche County is home to an endless array of campgrounds. Whether you’re looking for a fancy resort, a deluxe campsite, or a simple spot to pitch your tent, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Apart from the provincial parks, there are also places like Fork Lake Campground, Owl River Campground, Plamondon Whitesands Resort, and so much more. Fall asleep to the sounds of loons calling across the lake, the wind blowing through the trees, and a serene type of silence you can’t find anywhere else. The vast range of campgrounds offers something for all types of campers, many of which will have you nestled right up near the water.

A Lake Lover’s Goldmine

You might not believe this, but this region has just over 150 lakes. You can’t go 10 minutes without hitting a lake while cruising around Lac La Biche County, and we’re not exaggerating. While some of the lakes are small, most are larger, offering boating, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking opportunities. These lakes are mostly underdeveloped and perfect for nature lovers interested in getting closely acquainted with mother nature in her purest form. If you’re feeling landlocked in Alberta, you’re simply hanging out in the wrong regions.

A Fisherman’s Dream Come True

This area is famous for fishing. Specifically, Lac la Biche Lake is known far and wide for its incredible walleye fishing, as is the Lakeland Provincial Park area. Other notable fishing hot spots are Touchwood and Pinehurst. If you want to escape the city for a weekend of relaxation at its finest, a fishing trip to Lac La Biche County is your best bet.

A Paddler’s Paradise

This place draws paddlers from all over the map. The parks and lakes are known for incredible paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking. But what you might not know is that Lac La Biche County has Alberta’s only backcountry canoe circuit. The 38-km circuit in Lakeland Provincial Park takes about three days to complete. You will portage through the forest, paddle your heart out, see tons of wildlife and jaw-dropping terrain, and have a truly unforgettable experience.

A History Buff’s Jackpot

Now, for the cultural side of things. Lac La Biche is home to a number of museums and historical sites that allow visitors and locals to learn about the lands they’re exploring and make full-circle connections with the area.

You will find Lac La Biche Mission, a Historic Site of Canada, where you can explore heritage buildings and historical exhibits. Then there is the Lac La Biche Museum which will enrich you with the region’s long and colourful backstory, from the wildlife of the boreal forest to the fur trade and the pioneer age. Next, you’ll find Plamondon Museum & Mini Parc Heritage Park, where you can explore miniature replicas of the area’s first buildings. There is also the Portage College Museum of Aboriginal Peoples' Art & Artifacts which boasts an impressive collection of authentic Indigenous artworks, including the world's only permanent exhibition of works by Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporated.

A Culture-Rich Retreat

There are a number of artistic experiences to be had in this area, from visiting the local galleries and checking out exhibits to making your own stained glass and more. On top of that, you can dive deep into rich cultural experiences at places nearby like Hideaway Adventure Grounds in Kikino Metis Settlement. There you can stay in a rustic canvas tent under the stars and learn how the Indigenous People thrived in the Boreal Forest. You can also visit the Lac La Biche Canadian Native Friendship Centre, where you can visit the Indigenous Spirit Creations store and arrange indigenous cultural experiences such as traditional plant workshops, pow wow dancing and more. This place is bursting with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with the area and its various communities.

A Hidden Gem For Next-Level Lebanese Cuisine

We’d be silly not to include the fact that there is a ton of incredible Lebanese food in Lac La Biche County. Pick up fatires at the local IGA, try Zaatar at Beaverhill Shell Pizza & Deli, or head to Cafe on Main for a light bite of tabouli and a cup of your favourite tea. The large Lebanese population has infused the area with a delicious culinary scene that you need to try for yourself. If you love donairs, shawarma, and top-shelf Lebanese eats, you should come hungry. 


So, Alberta, if you’re looking for wild adventures and cultural connections, you know where to go.

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