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Getting Your Ride Road Trip Ready for Summer

During the pandemic and travel restrictions we have an opportunity to reconnect with our beautiful province. After all, there is a reason why tourists flock to here from all over the world! Mountains, lakes, badlands, prairies, thriving urban centres – we have it all and it’s all within driving distance.
2 HSG Getting Your Ride Ready

This year you can have a fantastic, COVID-safe summer vacation by taking some extra precautions and planning out a road trip.

Besides planning your route and packing along extra masks, sanitizer, and checking out the capacity/protocols in place for attractions along the way, the first thing to do is to get your vehicle ready for the drive.

Glenn Smaha, General Manager, Davis Chevrolet, shares three tips on how to get your ride ready for the summer.

“Having tires that are in good shape is important,” he says, “Many people don’t realize that tires have a best before date; its not all about tread depth or obvious damage. Tires are key, especially with towing and road trips.”

Glenn continues, “Your cooling system health including belts, hoses, and coolant condition are also a priority. With warmer temperatures and A/C usage, the cooling system gets a workout. Any restrictions or leaks could cause a catastrophic failure when you don’t need or expect it.”

His third tip is a great one whether you are on your regular commute or hitting the road on vacation. “Have an A/C system check; compressor, refrigerant, lines and belts. Make sure your A/C is up and running at its full potential for those hot summer days. You want it to work when you need it the most!”

A professional inspection before the summer is important, as your mechanic is trained on the increasingly complex details of today’s vehicles. Your mechanic can spot issues that could be hidden from view but would derail your summer vacation. It’s also very important to ensure you are up to date on your oil changes and regular preventative maintenance as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Getting your ride ready for the summer means having confidence your vehicle won’t leave you stranded on the open road. Contact your local service professional or dealership today so when it comes time to enjoy Alberta’s beauty, you can do so in a safe, reliable car (with working AC!).

Nerissa McNaughton is a freelance writer and a contributor to Great West Media. This story was written for the Hot Summer Guide advertising feature.  It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.