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The Perfect Time to Pick a New Theme is After the Christmas Décor Takedown

When the holiday season is over, keep the cozy winter theme going.
New year, new theme for your home décor.

What happens in the home after it is time to take down the Christmas decorations? Does it feel like a letdown, or is it a new beginning? It is a time for change, and it is a perfect time to look at your home and pick a new theme for January and the coming days. After all, a new year is here and with it comes a new start.

When is the right time? It’s up to you!

The right time to take down the Christmas tree and make the change varies. It depends on your schedule as well as how long the tree has been up and how ready you are for the change. Traditionally, January 6 is the day to take down the tree and change the décor. That is also known as Twelfth Night, or Epiphany, the day that the three wise men reached Bethlehem and laid their gifts before Baby Jesus.

Keep it warm

Even though Christmas is over, it is still winter out there and you can keep up a winter coziness theme for awhile. Taking down the Christmas cheer and putting the home back to where it was in November can make everything feel cold and empty, so this is a good time to observe the need for a little extra warmth. And maybe you don’t want to take it all down? Winter is always a good time for candles and holly boughs. Leave a few lights, some logs some pine branches, and fake berries, and certainly keep warm blankets close by.

Transition slowly

There are a few things that you can do to transition into something new. One is to change the colour scheme. Christmas is all about pinecones and wood tones, golds, greens and reds. Try bringing in new colours slowly. Try deep, rich purples and fuchsias mixed in for the transition. Christmas is also all about decorations that are big and grand. Even if you keep a few pine branches and lights around, another transition is to just take down the Santa Claus themed decorations and make everything that is part of the winter theme smaller and understated.

A new theme altogether

Taking everything down after Christmas involves a lot of clean up. Maybe now is a good time to make a change to your décor theme completely. You’ve celebrated Christmas, embraced the coziness of a warm home, and brought some of the outdoor décor indoors. Now what? What are the home décor trends for 2023? Nature-inspired trends are still popular and so are deep, energetic colours and textures. Watch for wallpapers to make a big comeback. January is a great time to think about a fresh start.

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