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Old Fashioned Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

You can be warm indoors even when it’s cold outside. Follow these tips to get the most out of winter, the old-fashioned way.
Winter is a wonderful time of the year, especially when you use these old-fashioned tips to stay warm.

Winter doesn’t have to be unpleasant! There are a few things that can be done to make the best of it, and to make it enjoyable too. You can stay warm indoors when it’s cold outside, without turning the heat up. It is expensive to keep the heat turned on and up all day and it is not necessary. Here are some ideas to help you do a bit more the old-fashioned way and get the most out of the season.

Dress Warmly

Wear sweaters and warm socks. Throw a blanket on the sofa and snuggle beneath it with a mug of something warm and delicious warming your hands and belly. Wear layers too. Your body will stay warm because the air between the layers stays warm. It is easy to put layers on as needed and take them off again when they are not needed. Choose the fabrics wisely as well. Cotton is a good choice for the base layer, with wool in the middle. If you need another layer, choose an extra sweater, a hooded sweatshirt, or a coat.

Make Use of Windows and Doors

Check that the heat is not leaking from cracks. Double and triple glazing locks in warmth, but also be sure that there is no leaking from the edges or the seals. For extra protection, put towels against the seals.

Use heavy curtains against the windows to keep the cold air out, especially in the dark, but open them when the sun shines. The heat from the sun will heat the house an extra few degrees, and it will lift your spirits as well.

Don’t waste money on rooms that don’t get used very often. Keep the vents closed in the rooms, and the door closed too.

Get Moving

The best keep warm tip is to keep moving around. When the body moves, its temperature rises, so do some work around the house, or some exercise. Or put on more of those warm layers and go for a walk outside. Your house will feel all the warmer when you come indoors.

Use the Oven More

Leave the iced drinks for summer and make more teas, coffees, soups, and stews. This is the season for hot chocolate. Focus on warmer, heartier foods, and do a bit more baking. Use the oven more. When you turn the oven off to let it cool down, open the door a crack and let heat escape into the kitchen.

Cuddle Up

Human beings put out a lot of body heat. If you feel a bit cold, snuggle up with someone you love and give each other the advantages of extra body heat. Stay together in the same room as much as you can.

Keep the beds and the furniture warm with extra blankets and hot water bottles. Other helpful devices that cost very little to maintain are wood stoves and candles. There might be a little maintenance involved, but there is always warmth when it’s needed. Just remember – safety first! Never leave a candle unattended.

Winter is a wonderful time of the year, especially when you use these old-fashioned tips to stay warm.

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