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Intelligent Living: 8 Smart Home Apps that Make Life Easier

Useful and smart home apps that will make you feel like you’re living in the future.
8-1 Smart Home Apps
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Smart home technology keeps improving and there are always new and exciting apps to try out. Here are eight of the newest devices that will help you keep on top of everything from air quality to workout time. 

Outdoor Smart Lights

Outdoor safety and security have gotten smarter. Not only are most outdoor home security systems powered by smart technology, now you can even get smart lights. Rig up your entire yard with lighted pathways, floodlights, and step lights. Connect to these battery-powered lighting options using a simple app on your phone.

Indoor Smart Air Purifiers

People have been paying a lot more attention to their indoor air quality lately. Home air purifiers can help to reduce dust, pet dander, odours, and even viruses. Now you can get smart versions of these units that allow you to monitor the air quality from your phone. Smart air purifiers are easy to program and adjust, even when you aren’t at home.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Connected refrigerators and ovens have been on the market for some time, but now you can find a smart version of almost every small kitchen appliance. Espresso makers, blenders, and even smokers have all been made more intelligent. They connect with your phone to offer you more functions and reminders. There is even a smart coffee mug on the market that keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature.

Smart Plug

You can make anything smarter by plugging it into a smart plug. These outlets connect with your phone to allow you to control anything with an electrical cord. Some smart plugs also tell you how much power is being used.

Robot Mop

Most people who have used a smart vacuum cleaner have wished for a robot mop to wash the floors as well. Now you can have just that. Some smart mops only do a wet cleaning while others do both the vacuuming and mopping. Communicate with your robo-cleaner from anywhere so you always come home to a clean floor.

Robot Lawn Mower

You can now take that same robot technology out to your yard. Battery-operated robot lawn mowers can make your lawn look great without you having to push a heavy gas-guzzling mower around. Before the first use, you must install a perimeter wire to make sure that the mower knows where to stop.

Smart Toothbrush

Who knew that the path to oral health was through technology? Smart toothbrushes communicate through a connected phone app to help improve your brushing technique. They also have a built-in timer to make sure your brushing is thorough.

Smart Mirror

Get more out of your mirror with one that doubles as an exercise buddy. Smart mirrors connect with live or on-demand fitness classes for an at-home workout. When not being used for exercise, the surface looks just like a normal full-length mirror.

It really does seem as though everything will one day become connected through smart apps. It is exciting to see where technological innovations will take us next!

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