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Green Landscaping: Outdoor Water Conservation in Your Own Backyard

HOME SWEET HOME – Reduce your water bill and improve your environmental footprint with these water-wise tips.
Leave your grass longer to conserve water / Philip Pena from Pixabay

Ever wonder where a good chunk of your household water usage goes? Look no further than your backyard. Between maintaining a lush lawn, nurturing thirsty plants, and keeping the car sparkling clean, outdoor water consumption can easily make a significant impact on your total water bill. Fortunately, there are surprisingly simple ways to transform your yard into a water-saving oasis. Let's explore some handy features that can make your outdoor space both beautiful and drought-resistant.

Watering Smarts:

  • Let Nature Take the Wheel: Mother Nature is pretty good at watering things. Skip the sprinklers if recent rains have already watered your lawn. Your grass will appreciate the break and your wallet will, too.
  • Early Bird Gets the (Less Evaporated) Water: Schedule your watering sessions for the cooler morning or evening hours. This minimizes water loss caused by the scorching midday sun.

Rain Barrel Bonanza:

  • Harness the Free Stuff: Consider installing a rain barrel which captures rainwater runoff from your roof, providing a free and readily available water source for your thirsty plants throughout the season. Think of it as a personal mini reservoir, collecting rainwater that would otherwise be lost to runoff.

Landscaping for Less H2O:

  • Plant Power: Opt for drought-resistant plants native to the region. These beauties are perfectly adapted to thrive with minimal watering, saving you time and money in the long run. Native plants are accustomed to the local climate and require less frequent watering because they've developed deep root systems to tap into moisture reserves deeper in the soil. Plus, they often provide vital food and habitat for local wildlife, making them a win-win for your yard and the ecosystem.
  • Mulch Magic: A layer of mulch around your plants acts like a tiny moisture blanket. It helps retain water in the soil, keeping your plants happy and reducing pesky weed growth. Mulch comes in various forms, like shredded bark or wood chips, and adds a decorative touch to your landscaping while also helping to suppress weeds that compete with your plants for precious water resources.
  • Taller is Thriftier: Raise the bar (or rather, the mower deck) on your lawn care routine. A taller lawn shades the soil beneath it, creating a mini oasis that retains moisture naturally. This allows you to water less frequently while still maintaining a healthy lawn.

Bonus Tip: Many car washes utilize water-recycling systems, making them an eco-friendly option compared to washing your car at home.

By incorporating these water-wise features into your outdoor space, you can create a stunning landscape while being a responsible steward of this precious resource. Every drop counts so grab a rain barrel, embrace drought-resistant native plants, and watch your water bill shrink alongside your environmental footprint.

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