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Five Ways to Give Your Home a Late Summer Refresh

Looking to refresh your home? Check out these seasonal decor tips!
8-3 Late summer
Purple coneflower or pink black eyed susan flowers, rudbeckia hirta can add to the outdoor and indoor colours of late summer.

In the midst of the dog days of summer, warm and lazy days, your home can begin to feel stuffy. If your home seems stuck celebrating a different season, or if your decor is beginning to show wear, there is a solution. By following these steps, you can give your home a late summer refresh, giving you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

New Wall Decorations

When walking into a home, the decorations on the walls are some of the first objects to draw attention. Ensuring your decorations are warm and inviting, showcasing bright, summer colour will help harness the beauty of the season within your home. With the right paintings or scripts on the walls, you can highlight the summer season while conveying the personality and tastes of your family.

Fresh Accent Colour

While repainting your entire home for the season is not advisable, changing small accent colours can help with the overall feel of a home. Swapping out curtains or a couple small pieces of furniture can create a more open and summery feel.

Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

Flowers and other growing plants are a great way to breathe life into a home, both inside and out. While late summer is not a typical time to be planting new flowers, there are a variety of late blooming flowers that could be transferred into an outdoor garden.

Potted plants or another form of indoor garden will also help bring the beauty of summer indoors. By filling your home with bright splashes of colour and living, growing plants, it brings a freshness and natural beauty that can be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Lawn Care

From the street, the care of your lawn establishes the first impression of your home for any viewers. By taking care to keep the grass at a good length, healthy and the weed-free, the quality of your lawn can be greatly improved. If you’re looking to accent the lawn, adding a rock or fence border helps contrast your lawn and yard with the surrounding properties.

Walkway Ornaments

With the evening growing longer but still retaining the comfortable warmth of summer, spending the evening outdoors can be enjoyable and refreshing. To make the most of the weather, small walkway decorations can increase the appeal of the front of your home. Small lamps or glowing decorations can be especially beneficial, making it easy to see and move around even later into the evening.

Summer is a beautiful season, bursting with life and fun. To bring your home a late summer refresh is to incorporate the bright summer colours and the life that comes with them. From colourful decorations to blooming flowers and outdoor decorations, with a little effort, your home can be remade into a lovely summer escape.

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