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DIY or DI Don’t: When to Call in the Professionals

Home reno and DIY shows can make remodelling projects seem fun and not too difficult. In reality though, there are a few projects that you should consider leaving to the experts.
DIY projects should be enjoyable and relatively low-risk. Stay safe, have fun, and when in doubt, call in the professionals. Photo by Roselyn Tirado on Unsplash

Is it time to call in the pros for your DIY project?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Attempt a DIY Project

Before attempting a new DIY home renovation project, be sure to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How skilled are you?

Do you have the experience and abilities that will make this particular DIY project successful? If not, hire a professional to complete the more complicated parts of the project.

  1. Will you need to get permits?

If the job requires you to get municipal permits and inspections to ensure that the work follows the appropriate building codes, hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and hassle.

  1. Are you tight for time?

Take a look at the time you have allotted for the DIY project and realistically assess how long it will take you to complete it. If you need to have the work done by a particular date, hire a professional who can devote more time to your project.

  1. Will you have to purchase new tools?

Oftentimes, people tackle their own DIY projects in order to save money. If you have to invest in a number of expensive tools in order to complete the project, it can actually cost less to hire a professional to get the job done.

Consider DIYing a Portion of the Project

Just because you don’t have all of the required skills, need permits, have a time constraint, or don’t have the tools doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your DIY plans completely. You can work with a contractor to do portions of your project while you take on the parts that you enjoy and are well-equipped to do. For example, if you are doing a bathroom remodel you can hire a contractor to take care of the permits, electrical, and plumbing and keep the finishing work for yourself.

There is also an option to source the materials yourself at a great deal, whether it is from a re-use-it store, garage sale, or the discount rack, and then hire a professional to install the items. This can save a large amount of money while still ensuring a great end result. In some cases, the amount you save on the product will almost pay for the labour costs.

Staying Safe is a Priority

In the end, the biggest priority in any DIY project should be safety. Avoid plumbing, electrical, and gas repairs or installations. Also be wary of dangerous situations like slippery roofs or high ladder work. Professionals have the right safety equipment to ensure they can get the job done without injuring themselves.

DIY projects should be enjoyable and relatively low-risk. Stay safe, have fun, and when in doubt, call in the professionals.

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