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Building A Basement Suite: When to Call the Professionals

Thinking about making a basement suite? Here are a few of things that’ll need to happen that a professional should handle.
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We live in a DIY age, one where you can find tutorials on just about anything by simply searching YouTube. But even in a time where you can learn about anything, some things are still best left to the professionals. This especially goes for major renovations like installing a basement suite. Let’s look at a few instances during this major project where you’ll need to call in the professionals to make sure the job is done right.

Permits for when you start

The most common time when you’ll need to call the experts when building a basement suite is long before construction begins. In many municipalities, you’ll have to at least call the experts at your local permit office to make sure you can even do what you want to do.

Any plumbing or electric

Unless you are a plumber or electrician with the proper certifications and training for putting together a major project, then you will need to call in the experts for anything to do with plumbing or electric.

You’ll need the experts for two reasons: safety and codes. Playing around with plumbing and especially electrical is very dangerous. Only the experts can safely navigate the live wires and sealed pipes needed to make a usable space. Your new space will need to pass a code inspection as well. There are plenty of amateur renovators out there who think they managed to get the plumbing and electrical done, only to have an inspector come in and tell them it’s wrong. At that point, they have not only wasted time, but likely wasted a lot of money as well since they now need to call in a tradesperson to fix the mistakes.

Bear in mind, too, that plumbing isn’t just water. It’s gas as well. Since gas is extremely dangerous, it’s absolutely imperative that you trust the experts.

If the space is for a tenant

With inflation, many homeowners are looking to gain some extra income by building basement suites for potential tenants. While this is a viable option, there are a number of things that need to exist for it to be legal. Professional contractors will understand the codes and requirements for turning a space into a legal and insurable suite for a tenant. You don’t want to renovate your basement, find a tenant and then discover the rental space was illegal all along. That could result in substantial legal action by your tenant and your municipality.

A basement suite can bring in extra income or give someone a private space to live. If you want to build one, make sure you call in the experts when you need. It’s the easiest way to save time and money while minimizing any surprised along the way.

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