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Boxing Week Shopping: Big Ticket Items for Your Home

Boxing Week is coming up and this is the day a lot of people use to score great deals on household items. Here are some items to consider.
Score some great deals on large appliances during Boxing Week sales.

Small Kitchen Appliances

One of the most value-packed purchases you can get on Boxing Day is a good kitchen appliance… or two! Since eating in is healthier and saves money, invest in the equipment that will make home cooked meals healthy and delicious – fast! Here are a few favourites.

Instant Pot: There is a reason why this appliance is so popular. The Instant Pot allows home cooks to whip up delicious, hearty meals in minutes. Instant has a full line of countertop appliances. Check them out here:

A Dutch Oven: One of these pots can change the way you cook. The “all in one” aspect allows you to brown meats and sear vegetables before adding other fixings, then simply put the whole thing into the oven. Top brands like Staub or Le Creuset are worth the cost – but it’s a high cost. Keep your eye out for sales on Dutch ovens this Boxing Day, or check out some of their lower cost companions.

A Crock Pot: Set it and forget it. You may associate crock pots with soup or roasts, but you can make everything in them from bread to pasta to vegan dishes. It’s fast for the home cook because you put your food in there, turn it on and walk away. Come home after work to a simmering, hot meal. Some crock pots heat up faster than others and some have turn off and warming functions. Be sure to read user reviews before you grab one of timesavers on Boxing Day.

Pantry & Freezer Staples

With the cost of food these days, pantry items can feel like a big ticket item! If you head to the grocery store instead of the mall during Boxing Day, you are sure to score some valuable deals.

Dry Goods with Christmas Themes: Look for discounted holiday themed dry goods such as coffee, cookie mix, hot chocolate and even spice blends. Just because it’s stamped with a smiling snowman or a decorated tree does not mean you cannot use it after the holidays. Enjoy peppermint hot chocolate in January and maple spiced coffee in February – for less!

Big Birds: Turkey, game hen, duck – these are holiday staples so the stores stock up. When Christmas is over, you can pick up poultry at some pretty sweet deals. If you have room in your freezer, consider buying a couple birds. A nice turkey roast on a random Wednesday in the dead of winter sounds good, doesn’t it?

Plenty of Platters: Big grocery stores love to make holiday platters but after the parties wrap up, those platters can come with good discounts. Whether you are tired of cooking for the holidays and want dinner to be charcuterie for a day or two, or you have to host a late December birthday party, grab a platter. Remove the festive trimmings and enjoy the meat, cheese, nuts and other goodies.

Big Appliances

Been ignoring that rattling sound in the dryer? Dishwasher needs a kick start? Big appliances always take a hit to our emergency fund or financing. If you know you need to replace a big appliance soon, see how much you can save on Boxing Day.

Washer/Dryer Pair: Designer Appliances has reviewed five top brands. Check out their thoughts here.

Fridge: Danby has some helpful tips if you are looking for a fridge. Be sure to read the “little known” notes on ventilation space requirements in this article.

Chest Freezer: If you don’t already own a chest freezer but have room for one in the basement or garage, strongly consider buying one. explains how a chest freezer empowers “smarter not harder” cooking.

Boxing Week is a great time to get some amazing deals on big ticket items. Take stock of what you need, make a budget and enjoy saving money on items that will improve your life.

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