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A Quick Guide to Getting an Energy Audit

An energy efficient home saves money and is good for the environment, but how can you ensure your home is operating as efficiently as possible?
9-2 Energy Audit
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An EnerGuide home evaluation or partaking in the Canadian Greener Homes Initiative can help.

What is an EnerGuide Energy Audit?

This is a process where an energy advisor assesses the home from top to bottom and assigns an EnerGuide rating. The rating and report show where improvements and upgrades can be made.

The homeowner must provide clear access to the attic, crawl spaces, HVAC system and other mechanical components. A blower door test will take place, so there should be no missing doors or windows. Broken windows should be taped over with polyethylene. If a wood fireplace is present, remove the ashes so they do not become distributed during the blower door test.

Following the inspection, the evaluator will discuss the results and give the homeowner an EnerGuide rating and label, an information sheet and a renovation upgrade report.

The label’s rating will be at the top in large black numbers. Beneath that is a number that shows a performance rating as compared to a standard benchmark. A graph shows the high energy consumers in the home, followed by the home’s environmental impact.

What is the Canadian Greener Homes Initiative?

The Canadian Greener Homes Initiative provides grants, contributions and loans to help homeowners retrofit their homes in more energy efficient ways. At it’s peak, nearly 300 new homeowners applied for the grant per day! EnerGuide can provide evaluations as part of this program. Click here to see if your home qualifies for the Canadian Greener Home Initiative.

A Word of Caution

These programs are homeowner driven/requested. If anyone shows up at your door saying there are from EnerGuide or Natural Resources Canada and tries to push you into an audit or to purchase any products or services, it is likely a scam. Never accept an on-the-spot inspection or “service” from a door-to-door solicitor. EnerGuide and Natural Resources Canada do not go door-to-door unsolicited.

Book Your Energy Audit Today

While upgrading your home to be energy efficient can come at a cost, knowing where the energy drains are and making a long-term plan is good for your home and the environment. An energy efficient home saves money on bills overall, and with grants and initiates to help, these improvements are accessible to all.

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