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3M Strips & Other Alternatives for Your Home

Learn about the different options that make hanging art quick and easy.
Modern fasteners allow for intricate picture hanging layouts which will give any room a stunning display.

Precious memories and expensive artwork should always be framed and hung by a professional, but light signs, photos and some décor can be quickly installed using 3M strips or other alternatives. Adhesive strips are a great way to hang wall art, but they are not all created equally. Additionally, the homeowner must consider the weight and style of the art. Let’s learn more.

What Works? Pros and Cons

There are many fastener strips on the market that are a cheaper alternative to 3M Dual Lock Fasteners, but some most do not work as well. 3M’s Dual Lock is stronger than most other locking fasteners on the market.

Command is another alternative and is actually a division of 3M. Command works very well but you must be careful to adhere to the weight restrictions and properly set the adhesive. Otherwise, your art can come crashing down or the hook itself can break.

Other alternatives are nails, glue and piercing hangers. These leave damage to the wall and paint, and you may need to locate a stud in the wall to hang heavier items. However, when properly installed they can hold heavy loads.

Options from 3M

3M is a trusted brand for a reason. It works very well. Here are some of their products:

  • 3M Adhesive Tape is a strong, thin, and durable tape that is perfect for hanging pictures or art on the wall. It can be easily removed without damaging your walls.
  • 3M Command Hooks are hooks that are designed to be placed on walls without any tools. They come in many shapes and sizes.
  • 3M Dual Lock Fasteners are a great alternative to super glue for attaching items together. They have two fasteners that lock together so they stay in place until you need them to come apart again.

The Bottom Line

Screws and nails can be difficult to install in certain surfaces such as drywall or plasterboard. Other people use hooks, which can leave marks on the surface of your walls if not installed correctly or can accidentally damage objects that you hang up with them. There is also adhesive tape which has a limited range of uses and will not work well in areas where there is lots of moisture like kitchens or bathrooms.

So, when looking for alternatives to hang wall décor, consider the many adhesive options that won’t damage your walls. 3M is a great brand with many options, but VELCRO® and some other brands work well too. Just be sure to read the capacity limits and follow the instructions to prevent damage or your artwork falling down.

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