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Where to Find the Best Deals on Goods and Services to Stretch Your Dollars

Discover where you can get deals on goods and services in Alberta.
10-1 Best Deals
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Market recessions and increased inflation have led to a lot of Albertans needing to spread their dollars further and save anywhere they can. Below are tips on how to save money and get deals while not having to compromise quality.

Bulk Store Purchases

Buying in bulk is a common practice for the frugal, and anybody can get in on that action, especially during trying times. Food and goods can be purchased in bulk at retailers like Bulk Barn and Costco. Costco memberships are a very common way to save money, for a relatively small yearly fee. Costco allows a single family member at the same address to share a Costco membership, however you can bring up to two guests as long as the card holder does the purchase. There are other options such as The Grocery People, or just purchasing large quantities when a good sale is going on at your favourite store.

Discount Stores

Dollar stores come in a wide variety, and they can be great for certain products. For example, batteries found at dollar stores are often the same quality as the big name brand batteries, and will last nearly as long for a fraction of the price. Cleaning products are also a great bargain at most dollar stores. Dollar stores are also a good place to pick up seasonal decorations if you want to decorate on a budget.

Government Programs

Alberta has a robust set of government programs to help individuals and families in need. Already, programs are in place that automatically give discounts at the pumps, in electricity, and for natural gas (if you are eligible). But, if you need further help, you should visit the Alberta Affordability Programs website for other programs such as the Senior Special Needs Assistance Program, Direct to Tenant Supplement Program, Alberta Supports program and more.

Thrift Stores

There are numerous thrift stores throughout in Alberta. All sorts of goods can be found at a thrift store. While most people think of them for clothing, you can also find toys, small appliances, tools, furniture and other household goods and equipment.

Food Banks

Food banks are a necessity in society in order to help those less fortunate, and if you are finding it hard to get enough food for yourself or your family, head to a food bank for assistance; that’s what they are there for!

Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or Craig’s List

Online is a great place to find services or goods that people are trying to pawn off quickly and cheaply. Just search for your needs and contact the seller. It is also a great place to sell something you no longer need. If you are worried about safety, set up transactions to occur at a police station parking lot or a busy public location.

Penny pinching does not have to be embarrassing. It is a smart way to stretch your dollars, especially during times of inflation.

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