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St. Albert Tirecraft has been in business since 1988. When the shop first started up, it was called Town and Country Tire and Auto, when it was in the Grandin mall. They have been in their present location since 1990.

The current owner and manager Pete Finstad began managing the shop in 1992 and then became the sole owner in 2008. All the service technicians at Tirecraft St. Albert were born and raised in St. Albert, so this shop brings the small-town community feels that St. Albert residents love. Coming into St. Albert Tirecraft feels like going to your uncle’s house for a visit.


Tirecraft is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated expert in tires and automotive service. Our group of high-quality dealerships extends across the country, addressing Canadians’ tire needs and automotive issues. Each Tirecraft is owner-operated and is committed to the well-being of its customers, employees, and community. Our extensive range of products and services is backed by our superior warranty, meaning you can rely on Tirecraft for trustworthy advice, honest suggestions, and competitive prices.

Core Values

Tirecraft is committed to running a business with four core values:

Family – Tirecraft dealers are hardworking, family-owned businesses, with some having been in the family for generations.

Local involvement – We’re located, connected, and involved in our ‘local’ communities and believe their success drives our success.

Integrity – We operate our businesses with integrity and sincerity and respect the relationships we have with our customers.

Expert service – We know vehicles and are extensively trained in all the products and services we offer.

These values translate to all the work we do and have helped us become a strong and well-respected organization within our local community.


Proudly Canadian founded and operated, Tirecraft specializes in providing superior tires, wheels, accessories, and automotive services across locations nation-wide. The extensive range of products and services backed by superior expertise means you can rely on Tirecraft's trustworthy advice, honest suggestions, and competitive prices.

St. Albert Tirecraft specializes in head gaskets, camshafts, timing belts, and water pumps. They can also service your domestic and/or imported vehicle.

Auto Repair

Auto repair and maintenance are highly recommended not only to keep your vehicle feeling like new but also to:

  • Save you money on expensive repairs.
  • Make driving more enjoyable.
  • Ensure safer transportation for you and your family.
  • Reduce the change of a breakdown.
  • Contribute to cleaner air for our planet.

Ignoring minor car issues now may mean outrageous repair bills in the long run. Tirecraft locations have automotive experts ready to help keep your car on the road and your cash in your wallet!

With auto repairs including Preventative Maintenance, Performance Parts & Accessories, rustproofing, diagnostics, battery, brakes, oil changes, tires, and wheel alignments.

Tires and Wheels

Your vehicle’s tires must be properly inflated and in good working order for your vehicle to be running safely and efficiently. Without working tires, your wheels won’t turn properly, and your automobile will not move—or at least, not move as it’s supposed to. At Tirecraft –as the name suggests, we do everything to make sure your tires are in tip-top shape. We examine all facets of your tires and provide such services as rotation, flat repairs, balance, vibration, tire pressure monitoring system, tire storage, light truck, ST trailer tires, performance, and custom wheels and so much more.

They are the perfect small shop to fit into the small-town feel, so come visit them for all your tire and mechanical needs today.

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