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Capilano Park


Capilano Park
Capilano Park Road NW
Edmonton, AB
T6A 3R7

Capilano Park, 109 Ave & 50 St 

Capilano Park is south of the river, on the west side where 50 St meets the river. 


#1 Trail: Capilano Loop 

Length: 2.5 km  

Rating: Easy classic and skating 

Capilano Park on the west side of 50 St past 109 Ave. The trail follows 50 St, turns west on 109 A Ave and ascends a long gradual climb along Capilano Crescent. At  Hardisty Drive, the trail forks west along Hardisty Drive (#2 Capilano Link) or east down a long gradual hill back into Capilano Park.  


#2 Connecting Trail: 

Riverside/Capilano Link 

Length: 5.5 km  

Rating: More difficult classic and skating. 

Capilano parking lot or Riverside Golf Course has a panoramic view of Edmonton that can be seen from a lookout along the trail. At the end of Hardisty Dr, the trail descends a long steep hill and under Wayne Gretzky Dr. Watch for skiers coming up the hill. The trail follows rolling terrain along the river’s edge until it enters Riverside Golf Course.