Great Reading

For the week of Dec. 12 to 19, 2017
Picks for the whole family from the St. Albert Public Library
Stimulate imaginations, pique curiosity and reveal a wider world of perspectives and ideas!

These picture books are a great choice for sharing with pre-readers and those just beginning to read.

The Christmas Fox
By Anik McGrory
One by one, from field and forest, the animals make their way to the barn. The cow has sweet-smelling hay to offer the baby. The bluebird has the gift of song. And the lamb has soft cosy wool. But the shy little fox has nothing to offer, or so he thinks.

Stowaway in a Sleigh
By C. Roger Mader
The cat’s out of the bag and adventure awaits! When Slipper finds Mr. Furry Boots in her house, she does what any cat would do and investigates. But curiosity gets the best of her when she finds herself on a trip she hadn’t planned on taking!

A great selection of fiction that will stimulate the imaginations of young readers.

The Lost Frost Girl
By Amy Wilson
With a name like Owl, she never expected her life to be normal, but finding out that she’s Jack Frost’s daughter is bit more different than she expected. Determined to meet him, Owl delves into Jack’s wonderful world of winter and magic – the kind of place she thought only existed in fairy tales. And as she notices frost patterns appearing on her skin and her tears turning to ice, Owl starts to wonder if being Jack Frost’s daughter means that she has powers of her very own.

Top Elf
By Caleb Huett
Ollie and Celia know what the life of an elf is like: Make toys. Help Santa. Make more toys. Help Santa. Try out a new ice-cream flavour. Help Santa. But then Santa rocks the North Pole with a surprise: this is going to be his last year – and he’s opening up the job to anyone who wants to apply – Claus or elf. The Santa Trials have begun!

Just the facts, please! Science, history, animals, biography, real adventures, crafts and cooking for junior readers.

The Dog Encyclopedia: the definitive visual guide
It’s back! Dog enthusiasts will be lost in time browsing through this large volume about man’s best friend. Bits of history and trivia combined with the beautiful photos are an irresistible combination. A special treat for dog lovers!

Robots! Draw Your Own Androids, Cyborgs and Fighting Bots
By Jay Stephens
Turn your science fiction dreams into a reality and draw them! Award-winning cartoonist Jay Stephens shows how to bring every kind of robot you can imagine to life on paper. All the instructions begin with easily drawn lines and shapes, with tips for adding colour. Have fun creating your own robot with its own purpose and special functions.

Youth/teens will enjoy this selection of popular fiction.

The Marrow Thieves
By Cherie Dimaline
In the future, global warming has decimated the planet, and most humans have lost their ability to dream. The exception is Indigenous peoples who carry dreams in their bone marrow. Frenchie is alone and on the run from government “recruiters” who forcibly take Indigenous people to marrow-harvesting factories. Frenchie forms a family with a small group of nomads as they all struggle to survive.

We All Fall Down
By Natalie D. Richards
Best friends Theo and Paige both have deeper feelings for each other but are reluctant to reveal them. When a fight breaks out at a party on the riverbank, the results are cringe-worthy for the pair. Now they just want to move on, but someone bent on revenge wants them to remember everything that happened that fateful night at the bridge.

Mature readers will enjoy reading what’s new or timely or popular with this selection of fiction and fact.

That’s my baby: a novel
By Frances Itani
At the end of Frances Itani’s Giller Prize-shortlisted Tell, a baby is adopted by a young Deseronto couple who are coming to terms with the end of the Great War. Eighteen years on, the baby, Hanora, now a young woman, is told about her adoption, but given no details. As a second world war looms, Hanora is determined to uncover the mysteries of her identity.

First snow, last light: a novel
By Wayne Johnston
Ned Vatcher, only 14, ambles home from school in the chill hush that precedes the first storm of the winter of 1936 to find the house locked, the family car missing, and his parents gone without a trace. From that point on, his life is driven by the need to find out what happened to the Vanished Vatchers. An epic family mystery with a powerful, surprise ending.

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