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Titan Flooring is 2020 Readers' Choice Best Flooring Business

In the St. Albert Gazette's Readers' Choice poll, residents selected Titan Flooring as the 2020 Best Flooring Business to satisfy their aesthetic and functional needs and requirements.
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Terry Moritz, founder of Titan Flooring, displays some of the stock available at his company. In the Gazette 2020 Readers' Choice Poll, Titan Flooring was nominated Best Flooring Business in St. Albert. ANNA BOROWIECKI/St. Albert Gazette

How hard can it be to choose a floor? It’s harder than you think, given all the options available and the revolving door of new trends showcased on home renovation shows.

Flooring takes up a lot of space in any room, and given the importance of visual impact, most buyers want to it last for more than a few years.

But looking at all the flooring options on the market and how they fit into a specific space can be intimidating and confusing.

In the St. Albert Gazette's Readers' Choice poll, residents selected Titan Flooring as the 2020 Best Flooring Business to satisfy their aesthetic and functional needs and requirements.

Owner Terry Moritz, a St. Albert resident in partnership with his father, Peter, was both flattered and humbled by the selection.

“We continue to improve our business and make it a better experience for people. We’ve never wanted to be the biggest and we’re constantly trying to improve. Everything we do today, we do a better job than yesterday,” said Moritz.

Titan Flooring has two showrooms: a 20,000-square-foot location in West Edmonton that has operated for 24 years, and a smaller 2,000-square-foot location in St. Albert that opened seven years ago.

Both showrooms display cutting-edge products that range from carpet, hardwood, laminate and cork to engineered wood, porcelain tile, natural stone and luxury vinyl plank.

In addition to a variety of imported European and American materials and products, the personalized service is what sets the company apart from big box stores and keeps the company growing.

“We order what our clients wish. Titan’s goals are to listen to clients, guide them through floor selections and provide the pros and cons and help them make the best possible choices for their needs,” Moritz said.

"Every project we get involved in is a custom project. Everybody’s needs and requirements are different. It’s not my place to say you should spend $5 or $5,000. But it is Titan’s job to give you information so you can make the choice on whether to spend $5 or $5,000. We want to educate people.”

The Paul Kane High graduate was 23 years old when he launched the business in 1996.

“It was a small backroom place, about 1,000 square feet of showroom space about two blocks from here (West Edmonton location). Two years later, we moved here and have stayed at this location.”

Back then, most flooring stores were more specialized.

“A flooring store did carpet, lino and maybe a bit of tile. Wood products were sold at a different store. Over the years, flooring stores have become a one-stop shop," he said.

“The market has changed in respect that people want a little bit more selection. When it comes to our industry, people want to see a lot, even if they don’t need a lot.”

To help clients navigate the myriad products and materials, Titan staff consider a variety of possibilities. Does the room have a potential for moisture or spills? Is it a high- or low-traffic area? How will the space be used? Is it in the basement or upstairs? How easy to clean or maintain is a product? Are you installing or hiring a pro?

A popular new product many clients ask for is luxury vinyl plank.

“A lot of people like the fact it’s waterproof. It’s available as a click installation and can be a do-it-yourself project. It’s not super expensive and there are lots of styles and designs.”

Unfortunately, the St. Albert location is set to close at the end of December.

“It was a business decision. It was not COVID-related. The market had changed and people just wanted a bigger selection than what we could offer in St. Albert. A lot of people would go (to the St. Albert location) and end up (at our Edmonton location). People just wanted the ability to have more selection. We want to thank St. Albert for its support and hope people will continue to come to our Edmonton showroom.”

Anna Borowiecki

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