Great Reading

For the week of June 20 to 26, 2018
Picks for the whole family from the St. Albert Public Library
Stimulate imaginations, pique curiosity and reveal a wider world of perspectives and ideas!

These picture books are a great choice for sharing with pre-readers and those just beginning to read.

Ocean Sky
By The Fan Brothers
Finn lives by the sea and every time he looks out his window it’s a constant reminder of the stories his grandfather told him about the place where the ocean meets the sky. Where whales and jellyfish soar and birds and castles float. Finn’s grandfather is gone but Finn knows the perfect way to honour him. He’ll set sail to find this magical place himself!

A Hippy-Hoppy Toad
By Peggy Archer
In the middle of a puddle in the middle of a road on a teeter-totter twig sat a teeny-tiny toad. Snap! went the twig! Up went the toad! And he landed on a tree by the side of the road. But what happens to the toad when…Snap! goes the twig? Peck! Goes a bird? Woof! goes a dog?

A great selection of fiction that will stimulate the imaginations of young readers.

Sputnik’s Guide to Life On Earth
By Frank Cottrell Boyce
Prez is still learning to fit in at his new home when he answers the door to meet Sputnik, a kid who is more than a little strange. First, he can hear what Prez is thinking. Second, he looks like a dog to everyone except Prez. Third, he can manipulate the laws of space and time! Sputnik, it turns out is an alien, and he’s got a mission that requires Prez’s help.

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island
By Dana Alison Levy
The Fletchers are back on Rock Island, home of their best summer memories. But from the first day they arrive, it’s clear that things have changed. Over the course of the summer, the Fletchers will learn that even in a place where time stands still, the wildest, weirdest, and most wonderful surprises await.


Just the facts, please! Science, history, animals, biography, real adventures, crafts and cooking for junior readers.

How to be an Elephant
By Katherine Roy
A baby elephant has many skills to learn to survive as an adult. Luckily, the family unit is very protective and helps it with lessons on walking, “seeing” through its nose, trumpeting, finding food, and keeping cool. The author/illustrator beautifully describes how the young elephants develop into grown-ups. Much to enjoy here for fans of this friendly beast.

Just Because I Am; a Child’s Book of Affirmation
By Lauren M. Payne
With a target audience of four- to eight-year-olds, this book will be useful in a home, school, church, or counselling setting. The aim is to help establish and strengthen a child’s self-esteem. Activities and discussion starters are included.

Youth/teens will enjoy this selection of popular fiction.

The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles)
By Amy Spalding
Abby is sharing her summer internship at a fashion boutique with Jordi Perez and she finds out they are vying for a single paid position. A growing attraction between the teen girls complicates everything. Along the way, Abby is helping her friend Jax on a quest to discover the best burger in L.A.

Perfect Ten
By L. Philips
Eons ago, Sam broke up with the only other eligible gay guy in his high school. When his Wiccan friend suggests a love spell, he agrees, burning a list of the 10 traits he most wants in a boyfriend. Suddenly, three seemingly perfect guys are falling for Sam; who should he choose?!

Mature readers will enjoy reading what’s new or timely or popular with this selection of fiction and fact.

Heart Berries: a memoir
By Terese Mailhot
This powerful, poetic debut memoir chronicles the struggle to balance the beauty of her Native heritage with the often desperate and chaotic reality of life on the reservation. It is about a woman’s coming of age on the Seabird Island Indian Reservation in British Columbia. It is a memorial for Mailhot’s mother, a social activist and a story of reconciliation with her father.

21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act: Helping Canadians make reconciliation with Indigenous peoples a reality
By Robert P.C. Joseph
The essential guide to understanding the legal document and its complex repercussion on generations of Indigenous Peoples. Bob Joseph explains how Indigenous Peoples can step out from under the Indian Act and return to self-government, self-determination, and self-reliance – and why doing so would result in a better country for every Canadian.

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