Great Reading

For the week of Oct. 17 to 24, 2018
Picks for the whole family from the St. Albert Public Library
Stimulate imaginations, pique curiosity and reveal a wider world of perspectives and ideas!

These picture books are a great choice for sharing with pre-readers and those just beginning to read.

Little Sid: The Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha
By Ian Lendler
Siddhartha, a spoiled young prince, gets everything he ever asked for, until he asks for what can’t be given – happiness. Join Little Sid as he sets off on a journey of discovery and encounters mysterious wise-folk, terrifying tigers, and one very annoying mouse. Little Sid thoughtfully weaves traditional Buddhist fables into a kid-friendly new tale.

Neck and Neck
By Elise Parsley
Everybody at the zoo loves Leopold the giraffe. He inspires awe and wonder. His adoring fans gaze and cheer. Best of all, they feed him lots of delicious snacks! But, one day, a shiny, bobble-headed new rival comes in and ruins everything … a giraffe-shaped balloon! Just how far will Leopold go to prove that he’s the hero of the zoo?

A great selection of fiction that will stimulate the imaginations of young readers.

The Scroll of Kings
By Sarah Prineas
Alex has been chosen to be a librarian, a caretaker of books. The problem? He’s not even 16 and no one will take him seriously. Oh, and the books are afraid that someone – or something – is killing the librarians! Alex has to prove he’s capable of saving himself and the information before it’s too late. Castles, kingdoms, sword fights, magical pages, and mysterious deaths all are present and accounted for.

Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish
By Pablo Cartaya
After a fight at school leaves Marcus facing suspension, Marcus’s mom decides it’s time for a change and she takes Marcus and his brother to Puerto Rico. But Marcus can’t focus knowing that his father – who walked out on the family – is somewhere on the island. Marcus doesn’t know if he’ll ever find his father, but what he ultimately discovers changes his life. And he even learns a bit of Spanish along the way.


Just the facts, please! Science, history, animals, biography, real adventures, crafts and cooking for junior readers.

Ordinary, Extraordinary Jane Austen
By Deborah Hopkinson
This is a gorgeous tribute to an independent thinker who turned ordinary life into extraordinary stories and created a body of work that has delighted and inspired readers for generations.

Rodent Rascals
By Roxie Munro
Pictured at their actual size, the pygmy jerboa is the smallest of these toothy mammals and the capybara is the largest. Learning about their amazing abilities and intelligence is bound to give readers a new respect for rodents. Even the lowly house mouse has some redeeming qualities!

Youth/teens will enjoy this selection of popular fiction.

By Wesley King
Daniel spends a great deal of energy trying to hide his unusual habits, the result of obsessive compulsive disorder. When selectively mute school outcast, Sara, notices and begins speaking to him, Daniel is drawn into what may be a murder mystery.

By Carl Hiaasen
Billy Dickens likes snakes. If you do too, you should read this book. Billy lives in Florida with his mom and sister, and he hasn’t seen his dad since he was four. Now he’s found his dad’s address in Montana, and is heading on a cross-country adventure involving mountain hikes, a grizzly bear, and a spy drone, to see him.

Mature readers will enjoy reading what’s new or timely or popular with this selection of fiction and fact.

Let Darkness bury the dead: a Murdoch mystery
By Maureen Jennings
A young man is found stabbed to death in the impoverished area of Toronto known as the Ward. Soon after, William Murdoch has to deal with a tragic suicide, also a young man. Two more murders follow in quick succession. The only common denominator is that all of the men were exempted from conscription. Meet Maureen Jennings at StarFest on October 20, 7 p.m.

French exit: a tragedy of manners
By Patrick deWitt
Frances Price – tart widow, possessive mother, and Upper East Side force of nature – is in dire straits, beset by scandal and impending bankruptcy. Her adult son Malcolm is no help. And then there’s the Prices’ aging cat, Small Frank. One ocean voyage later, the curious trio land in their beloved Paris. See Patrick DeWitt at our StarFest event in the Arden Theatre on October 21, 2 p.m.

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