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Two-year Peace Bond signed by woman charged under the Animal Protection Act

Northern Alberta woman charged in animal neglect relating to horses has entered into a peace bond and the charges against her were withdrawn.
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BONNYVILLE, Alta – A resolution has been reached between the defense counsel of Jamie Ann Palmer of the MD of Bonnyville, and the Crown prosecutor.  

Palmer, who was facing three charges under the Animal Protection Act, had those charges withdrawn in Bonnyville Provincial Court on June 21. 

On Feb. 23, as many as five horses were removed from a rural property owned by Palmer, while the remains of at least 10 other horses were discovered following the execution of a search warrant.  

In March, Palmer was charged with causing animals to be in distress, failure to provide adequate food or water, and failure to provide adequate care when an animal is wounded or ill. 

All three charges fell under the Alberta Animal Protection Act. 

“I understand with the Crown’s consent, we are proposing that for matters to be resolved by a two-year common-law Peace Bond,” stated Hart Spencer, Palmer’s lawyer. “It would be $1,100 no-cash deposit and there would be five conditions.” 

The five conditions of the Peace Bond are as follows: Palmer shall keep the peace and be of good behavior. She shall notify the Alberta Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), or any other peace officer designated by the ASPCA to supervise this order, as to the location of all horses that she owns or that are under her care. 

Further, she shall advise the ASPCA, or any peace officer designated by the ASPCA to supervise this order, of any changes to the location of the horses within 72 hours of moving them. She shall notify the ASPCA, or a peace officer designated by the ASPCA to supervise this order, in advance of any proposed purchases or sales of horses. 

And lastly, she shall submit to and cooperate with any animal safety compliance checks requested by the ASPCA or any other peace officers designated by the ASPCA to supervise this order. 

Before the court and judge, Palmer stated that she understood each condition outlined in the Peace Bond and agreed to be bound to those conditions. 

Upon signing the two-year Peace Bond, Palmer’s charges were withdrawn. 

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