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Send a Christmas greeting to the troops

Send greetings to troops far from home this Christmas.
Send a letter or card to a member of the Canadian Armed Forces stationed far from home this Christmas. Photo: Metro Creative Connection

We all know how great it is to get a Christmas card from home, especially when we're far away. Right now, more than 2,000 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are deployed on missions, and will be serving far from home this year. Canadians can send a Christmas card or letter to any deployed CAF member somewhere in the world, brightening someone's Christmas and letting them know they're thought of and appreciated.

Addressed to "Any Canadian Armed Forces Member", The CAF will sort the cards and letters and distribute them among the various missions and regions around the world. You can send as many as you like, though each will need a stamp to get it to Belleville.

People can also specify that cards go to members serving on a specific mission; for example, to get cards to those serving on Operation REASSURANCE, the mission to support NATO in Europe, you would add “OP REASSURANCE (eFP Latvia)” under “Any Canadian Armed Forces Member.” You can find a list of mission names at the bottom of this page.

Only letters and greeting cards are allowed—no parcels are being accepted, though Canada Post is generously providing the free delivery of letters and parcels sent to deployed members by family or friends.

The cards have to be received in Belleville by December 9 so they can be distributed to the troops in time for Christmas.

To send a holiday card to our troops, address it (stamped) to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member
PO Box 5004 Stn Forces
Belleville, ON
K8N 5W6

If you don’t plan to send holiday cards this year but want to show your appreciation, you can post a virtual message to our troops on their message board.

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