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George Canyon, Aaron Pritchett among Bert Church LIVE Theatre's fall season offerings

Bert Church Live Theatre has a little something for everybody as it gets set to open the curtain on its 2023/ 2024 season.
Tickets are on sale for the Bert Church LIVE Theatre's 2023-24 season, which will boast a variety of performances.

AIRDRIE - The City of Airdrie's Bert Church LIVE Theatre has a little something for everybody as it gets set to open the curtain on its 2023-24 season next month – tickets for which are officially on sale.

“I really wanted to reflect our community,” said Beverly Stadelmann, the theatre’s performing arts coordinator. “We have really tried to be diverse as well as picking a few things everybody could enjoy. (For example), I heard Aaron Pritchett and George Canyon’s names said over and over again by members in the community. So I wanted to bring things people were asking for, but I also wanted to bring things that will connect with different members of the community.”

Bert Church LIVE Theatre’s fall season officially kicks off with the first show in its new cabaret series on Aug. 25. Featuring eclectic and genre-defying duo Zenon+ as the headliner, the event is also intended to showcase local talent in a more intimate setting within the theatre’s lobby instead of on the main stage, according to Stadelmann.

“This is a more intimate series with a smaller audience,” she explained. “In our cabaret series, we are looking at bringing in new artists to Airdrie who maybe don’t have a large fan base yet. We are hoping to have some local openers.

“We love celebrating local talent … There is so much talent in Airdrie.”

Hard-charging all-female country music group, Nice Horse – which includes former Airdronian Katie Rox – follows up on Sept. 23. 

“Nice Horse is wildly entertaining and talented,” said Stadelmann. “They are fun, fresh, fierce and feisty. It’s everything you want when you just want to kick back and go hang out for an evening to listen to great music, and be in my community with people who want to tap their feet.”

Those looking for a few big belly laughs and some serious adult conversations with a comedic twist should look no further than “Middle Raged.” Featuring “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” star Geri Hall and “Mad TV” alum and all around comedy veteran Gary Pearson, the show delves into the trials and dilemmas of reaching that 30 plus time in life.

“Middle Raged is kind of for those audience members who are 30-plus, with all of those challenges,” explained Stadelmann. “Challenges of child care or things like that. When you are in your 30s, you sometimes feel you are running out of time even though you are not. You have empty nest (syndrome), financial stress, aging parents, and all these types of stresses.”

According to Stadelmann, the show, which hits the main stage on Oct. 14, is age restricted to those who are 18 years and older – truly providing a night out that is for adults only in community.

After engaging in some laughter therapy with Middle Raged, and getting in some more local thrills at Bert Church LIVE Theatre’s second cabaret evening featuring mentalist and magician Jeff Newman on Oct. 26, live theatre-goers in Airdrie will likely be looking for some wholesome, homey Christmas vibes with the George Canyon and Aaron Pritchett Christmas Show on Nov. 25.

“I describe it like two cowboys sitting around a fire singing songs together,” explained Stadelmann. “They are both on stage the whole time. They are going to tell stories, sing some of your favourite songs, and sing some Christmas tunes.

“Even on the big main stage, you are not so far away from George Canyon and Aaron Pritchett,” she added. “You will feel like you are in their living room or around their campfire.”

To wrap up the fall season, Bert Church LIVE Theatre will be hosting two Christmas shows, including “A Lousiana Hayride Christmas” on Dec. 12 for those who love classic country with a Christmas twist, and the kid-friendly “Bumbles’ Big Christmas Adventure” from Dec. 21 to Dec. 24.

“Last year we did a Christmas show for families, and it was such a hit,” explained Stadelmann, who promised that Bumbles’ Big Christmas Adventure is sure to deliver loads of holiday family fun again this year.

“Everybody can come together, come to the theatre, and enjoy some live entertainment which is very accessible. It’s a fun, one hour kind of romp.”

Those wishing to view the complete 2023-24 season schedule and purchase tickets online can visit the Bert Church LIVE Theatre website at

However, Stadelmann warns tickets are already selling fast, and anyone interested in the upcoming line-up of shows should get in on the action as soon as possible.

“Some of our shows are selling quite quickly, and I hope that everyone that wants to see them gets a chance,” she said. “And if you maybe missed out on the artist you were thinking off, maybe take a look at some of the other dates to see if anything else catches your eye.”

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