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Bear scare in downtown Lac La Biche

Police urge public to stay away as black bear capture takes place

UPDATE: The black bear that remained in a downtown Lac La Biche tree for more than six hours on Tuesday before being safely trapped by wildlife  officials will be safely released into a remote area of the region, says Lac La Biche County's manager of emergency management.

John Kokotilo told that the bear had to be tranquilized in order for officials to safely trap and remove it. He said that when the tranquilizer took effect, the bear eventually fell from the tree into a safety net made from tarps and high-tensile straps created by on-site responders. The bear was transported from the site at about 5 pm

The black bear was not injured during the incident and has been taken to a remote location for release by Fish and Wildlife officers, said Kokotilo. He added, in the end, it turned out to be a good day.  


Original story

Lac La Biche RCMP, peace officers and Fish and Wildlife are trying to capture at least one black bear that has been on the loose in the Lac La Biche downtown core this morning. 

First located in a fenced compound behind a sporting goods business, the bear, a mid-sized black bear ran across the downtown Main Street and climbed a tree between the La Biche Inn and a corner liquor store.

Emergency crews have cordoned off a large block of the downtown area as they try to get the animal into a bear trap.

The public is advised to steer clear of the area between 100 Street and 101 Street along 101 Avenue. The public is advised to watch for emergency crews in the community as the animal could move to another area without warning.

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