Youths’ actions completely inappropriate


On Friday night I took my children to the Halloween festivities at Servus Credit Union Place. It was a great time until I had to go out to the parking lot to move some things from my in-law’s vehicle to my own.

As I approached my vehicle, two young boys around the age of 16 pulled into the parking stall beside mine. As they got out of their navy blue SUV, I could see that they were laughing at the fact that they had parked so close to the driver’s side of my vehicle. When I realized that our vehicles were nearly touching, I told them if they did not move the vehicle I would not be able to get in and explained how inappropriate it was to laugh about it.

They did move their SUV but I had a bad feeling that was not going to be the end of it. When my children and I returned to our vehicle about 45 minutes later, the boys’ vehicle was gone but my vehicles windows were covered with gobs of saliva. In a way I was relieved, because it could have been worse, but as I thought about it I began to wonder what kind of people would do such a thing? As a mother of a teenager and younger children, I know my children are far from perfect but I know they have much more respect for people than to do something as vulgar as spitting on someone’s vehicle.

My teenage son has won awards at school for being compassionate and respectful to fellow students and teachers and I would like to hope my influence as a parent has led him on the right path. I think the behaviour of these boys boils down to the parents’ failure to instil the virtues of respect and courtesy into their children.

Name withheld by request, St. Albert


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