We need more policing


I would like to add to Mr. Brinton’s “Roadways are dangerous” comments (Gazette ‘Your Views’ July 15). Yes our roads are becoming more and more dangerous and photo radar is a joke as it really is not a deterrent for most drivers, plus speeding is not the only problem.

Perhaps if we had more policing and not just radar but checking all aspects of the road, I firmly believe that our wonderful police force – which indeed it truly is – could have an officer on any corner in this city and make more money in tickets than photo radar. The rules of the road are not being observed from the simple things like using your signal lights – yes that’s what that stick is for coming out of your steering column – to stopping correctly at red lights and stop signs.

Don’t let me get started on the number of people texting and talking on their cellphones, yes it is a law and you are driving at least a two-ton vehicle that can kill someone … smarten up!

Summing up – if more drivers went back to courteous driving – yes there are quite a few of you – and observed the rules of the road both on city streets and in parking lots there would be a lot less problems/accidents on our streets and highways.

Lorraine Hryhorchuk, St. Albert


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