Water bylaw not needed


Re: Proposed water use bylaw.

Hooray! Silly council is again attempting to save us from ourselves. Sell us a basic service and then try to regulate when and how we use it. I am sure that if council keeps a record of the number of hours administration will put into developing a water use bylaw, and the time council will debate the issue, the city would be able to save enough to pay the entire year’s bill by doing nothing.

We don’t have enough bylaw officers to enforce any policy the city may develop, and as usual, the biggest user (city) will exempt themselves from having to adhere to any such policy. (Just like the noise bylaw).

While I agree water is a precious resource, I am certain any bylaw trying to regulate its use will turn into a complete fiasco. Are we going to have the water police checking every showerhead in St. Albert for compliance? What’s next on the agenda, a regulated electrical bylaw? Lights out by 10 p.m. or else. I can hardly wait.

This proposed bylaw will eventually end up matching the futility of the city’s no idle bylaw. Council spent literally months debating that issue. I can only guess at how many hundreds of hours administration put into developing the final draft and, as far as I am aware, nobody has ever been charged with an offence. Way to go.

Council, there is no need for a water use bylaw in St. Albert. We are a fairly responsible bunch of people. You can likely win us over with a little education. If you need to feel good and have your apple pie, cater in dessert. And if you can stop spending money like water on things we don’t need, we will likely have enough of both.

M. Bishop, St. Albert


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