Two Sturgeon streets to be repaired


The crumbling curbs and sidewalks along Stanley Drive and Springfield Crescent are in dire need of some TLC. The city announced plans for reconstruction in the Sturgeon neighbourhood this summer and some residents couldn’t be happier.

Susan Waugh has lived on Stanley Drive for 27 years. She said it’s about time her neighbourhood got a face lift. Last summer Waugh rode her bicycle every day through the curb reconstruction zone in Forest Lawn. She said she was impressed with how timely and organized the construction crew was there.

While some people may be concerned about the entire neighbourhood being torn up, Waugh said last year the construction crews worked in sections. This allowed people access to and from their houses. The crews also only work during the day and never late into the evening, causing very minimal disruption.

“I don’t think anyone has anything to be afraid of or concerned about. If they’re doing anything like they did down there [in Forest Lawn], well, they’re fast,” Waugh said.

The city plans to replace the concrete curbs and gutters along these two streets. Many street curbs are missing large chunks or are crumbling away. The current gutters are prone to blockages, from tree debris and even hailstones, sometimes causing the streets to flood. The city also plans to replace any sidewalks or driveway aprons that need attention.

“I don’t think there could be any downside,” Waugh said.

“We’ve been waiting for this for years.”

The construction will take place over the summer months, although a more specific time schedule has yet to be determined. To learn more, attend the open house at Vital Grandin Catholic School on Tuesday, May 29 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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