Volunteers want to be recognized


Re: St. Albert Gazette among top papers, Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

As I read this article on page three, I immediately thought: “How nice it is our local newspaper is number three in its class.” To quote the article, “We try our best to reflect our community and deliver the information that our readers expect. We’ll never waver from that commitment.”

Then, I thought: “If I could offer any suggestion to improve the community commitment of the Gazette, what would it be?” The answer, which would graphically reinforce the quote above, I think, would be a special feature half or full page, depending on available content, which would focus on the worthy activities and financial donations made by the more than 20 service clubs and individual civic-minded volunteers in town. The feature need not run both weekly editions, but rather only on Wednesday or Saturday and could be placed near the “Commentary” page. Service clubs would be encouraged to access a “drop-box” with details of their current activities. Photos of cheque presentations might be included, space permitting.

There are thousands of service club volunteers who work tirelessly to raise money that goes to support local charities such as S.A.I.F, the food bank, victim services, Sidekicks, and many, many more. All too often, these selfless acts go unreported and unacknowledged by the media and our citizens.

Most service clubs I speak with are concerned about falling membership, which places a heavier load on those who are driven to make a difference in our city. Publicity of service clubs’ efforts can assist in drawing attention to those who might consider becoming members.

Hopefully, there are many others who see some merit in this proposal.

Earl Rand, St. Albert


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